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Mar 19, 2005
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I have been doing the rounds looking for a sub to partner my MLs, and have so far auditioned models from Sonus Faber, B&W, Monitor Audio and M&K.

To my ears, the M&K (MX 700) is the only one I could imagine actually living with and enjoying.

Hoped that other members might have had experiences with MLs and M&K that they might share, and/or I'd welcome suggestions for other brands that are worth auditioning.

Thanks in advance.
the ML subs are very fast and can keep up with ESLs. I've heard REL subs paired with Logans and they too are very fast and sounded wonderful.
Although no longer in production, I have an NHT Sub Two, which has a 500 W Sunfire amp, and an outboard controller with low/high pass crossovers. It also has separate Audio/Video profiles. It matches superbly with my ML Aerius, and I've never heard anything better. Used ones occasionally turn up on Audiogon or eBay.
I can comment briefly but not in as much depth as you need. I have an "old" M&K sub, I believe it is a VX7?. This is a very small sub and when I tried with my ML's ( 2 different pairs) it could not keep up. In all fairness to M&K, btw I did talk with their technical staff about it too, it is not fair to say M&K subs would not be good with ML's. M&K did somewhat hesitate when I talked to them about it stating it was hard to match a good sub, room acoustics and a speaker. You take that with a grain of salt or as I did read between the lines.

As always you are the final judge and your ears will tell you if it is a good match or not.;)

I still have the M&K sub and I use it in my bedroom :eek: I have a ML Depth that I use with my CLSiiZ and it blends very well.

Jeff :cool:
My friend and I listened to a Velodyne DD12 and a ML Descent in the shop and at
the end my friend bought the ML Descent (The ML Descent is $2000 Australian dollars
more expensive than the Vel DD12). I have a M&K V125 at home but I only use it
for HT - not with my ML Odyssey cause it can't keep up with the MLs.

I've been using (just one) ML Depth with my CLS IIz's. I'v e used other things. So see my comments under member system #40.
Thanks for all the suggestions................

Tomdac, DTB300, Tranparent & nsgarch, unfortunately, I live around 1,000 km away from my nearest ML dealer (ditto for Velodyne) which makes an audition (at home) problematic at best.

'Sleepysurf' thanks for the NHT tip, but I bought a pair of little 1.5s a few years ago, and had some concerns regarding poor build quality and consequently onsold them (may have only been my pair.....but who knows?). Further, I think that the NHT subs are a ported design, and I'd prefer to stay with a sealed box design, which I think would better partner the sealed box bass drivers in my ML's.

'Jeff' thanks for your input. Curiously I also tried the M&K V 125 which I think is more closely related to the VX 7. Like you, I found it slower, and perhaps more suited to Home Cinema than 2 channel audio only. The MX 700 which I am contemplating uses a pair of 8" drivers in a push pull arrangement, which seemed to turn in a much faster and more tuneful performance.

I've lived with a M&K sub in my system for over ten years. It's a nice sub with many musical overtones not just "slam & blam" subwoofer. However splitting the stereo signal the way I did for years was not a good way to hook it up. It's is now out of my 2-channel sytem altogether doing H.T. (movies) duty.

The latest generation of active equalized subwoofers hooked up to a preamp with seperate sub-outs is a different (and better) animal.

It's not so much the subwoofer; call that 30% of the sound factor, room placement 30%, connection to system is at least 40%.

This forum has a search function, we talked about subs in detail about three months ago - you can look it up.
try to get ML subs!

Hola Acoustat...let me tell you a little history: two weeks ago I went to a customer´s house to see what was wrong with his system. He had two big Mirage Subs (the top of the line and also the ones that are by-polar) and a very expensive speakers (the ones that have granite at their sides)...after listening some material in SA CDs, I said: to my ears, your problem is the speakers...they are not working properly or have some fail...then I inspected them and found out that the speakers suspension was very deteriorated due to humidity and time...they are not made for your tropical weather. He said to me: fix them, please...they I said, why don´t you get one Theater i, the new Summits from ML and a pair of Depth subs, knowing that you like a lot bass energy...
That was on Friday and next Monday I got a call from Him...he said: Roberto, I´m still under severe depression, but I´m going to take your advise...please I want one Theater i, the new Summits and I just got the aval from my wife...the O.K. :D ...without listening what I had recommended, he trusted in me, and ordered the Teather i, Summits and a pair of Depth subs...yesterday I went to his house, because he was on a trip, and setted his new Summits with the subs...and believe me, outstanding sound, one of the best that I have ever heard...clean, live, super big scenario, fast and very deep bass. He has a Lexicon preamp for HT, so we listened also in HT mode. Boy, that was the best HT sound that I have ever listended also...he use Mark Levinson to drive the Summits and the Teather i. Yes, I know...he is a welthy guy, but he likes the best and has the money to setup what ever he would like to have...and his words are: Roberto, thank you so much!!! I never thought that ML was so good with subs...I do like my sound now thousand times better than what I did have before...and what he had was more expensive than what he has now. In other words, ML team is doing great only electrostatic speakers...Harry Pearson, from TAS recommend the Depth...and he said in TAS that it is one of the best subs that is on the market. Of course the bigger brother is depends of how much you want to spend. The Grotto is a very good alternative, and it is not too expensive...
Hope this can help and trust your ears!
Happy listening :D