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  • I did't see this answered in the thread: is there a recording of the Gayle Sanders chat? How would one access it? Thanks.
    Hey Alan!

    No worries man! We've gone over the senate bill and it's not bad for EM unless we all tank but by that time, there's bigger issues. I think EM will remain revenue neutral or a little bit positive w/ the reform bill. Either way though, the reform bill will sink this country further into the ocean of debt that it already wades in.

    How is the field of anesthesia faring or going to fare? I've heard doom and gloom on regarding this issue...

    I am jealous BUT happy to know that you're already near 100% satisfied with your system. I am looking to get back within 18 months. I won't start listening and I won't re-subscribe to stereophile/absolute sound until 12 months from now just so I won't get suckered in!


    Thanks for letting me know about RMAF, but I may have already used up my vacation for my wedding...

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