Best ML for Large Room - Setup, Ethos or Montis, Bass + other considerations

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Well big congrats!! What color? The montis are nice. Re: room placement. Hard to tell but I would try them closer together slightly toed in. You mentioned pulling them out so panel is 6' from wall. Not sure if the cabinet would impede but I would try it and make sure the main seat is centered. Use the flashlight method. How far away is your head from the center line between the speakers? Did you stay with your subs or get new? I missed that.

Well very cool.
I say live with what you have for now, pull the speakers out for serious listening and HT duty. If your dream basement room is about the same size, get the Summits and put them on the long wall 4' out with at least 6' away from the side wall (ML mantra; "The best side wall is no side wall"). Throw a flat screen between them if you must but keep it flush to the wall...btw, I like your AV unit and love your beautiful home!!

I would do what I said above right now in your living room, put the TV over the fireplace, the windows behind will have much less effect with some sheer curtains that you can pull back to keep that nice view when not playing! What to do with the big space in the AV cab? Big salt water fish tank...they are easy to maintain and the kiddies will love it...just my thoughts, welcome !! Craig