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    Hello Jonathan,

    I was referred to you by another member here, Georgehifi.

    He suggested you may have knowledge of the RTR DR-1 speakers ?

    I have a complete pair, with panels and amplifiers all working well.

    However, the original twin 10" and single 12" drivers in each cabinet have been replaced by DaiIchi drivers.

    I'd like to try and source the originals, if possible. If not, I'd like to try and find the parameters to allow me to find modern equivalents.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


    Scott Campbell
    Hi Jonathan,
    I live in Mauritius in the indian ocean,( my name is Ewell )we live on an island and thanks to the net i can read a lot about music,i think there is about 100 audio lovers here.
    i will not be able to aford a ML but i can handle electronic stuff.
    is there a posibility to build an ML fron scratch or clone.
    can you help me on this,
    we do have beautiful beaches and sun....
    if you need a good holiday with your family please do come,i`ll give you a good treat for nothing
    God bless,
    Hi Jonathan,

    When you put the high frequency mini traps behind your speakers, what changes did it do for the sound?Also, I read you have to turn the volume up to get the same volume in the room as not having the traps in place. Would that require the volume turned up quite a bit or just a little?Also, can you tell me what a pair of the mini traps cost and do you have your's mounted out from the wall a bit?

    Thanks, Greg
    Hi there,
    You were referenced to me for a problem I am having with one of my Sl3's - I have lost power and the LED is off. I checked the fuse on the x-over circuit board and it is intact. I used to work for ML and consider the Sl3's to be one of their best designs. I would prefer to fix the speaker myself - money is very tight.

    Please let me know what you think.

    I go by Auggy Daddy - my name is Dennis

    You can reach me at [email protected]
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