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  • Tom,

    "Big Greetings from Boston."

    For whatever reason, this site you've developed, is really freakin' awesome: Doesn't harm anyone, Doesn't bother anyone and Doesn't close-it's doors to anyone. "Bravo."

    You've done a great thing. Just because …that's why. Wanted to pass along good cheer and say thanks much. Martin Logan is a unique product. Back in the 1990's - I worked at Sony Electronics; my Director was a college roommate with Gayle Sanders. Thus, my connection was sealed. The HiFi world is a small one, you've found a way to connect some of those relationships with this network.

    Happy Listening, you've more than earned it.

    Life is Good, James!
    Hello Tom, I'm new to your site and find it very interesting. You have done a very good job!
    I have owned a pair of CLS II's and found them to be wonderful sounding speakers. I was forced to sell them to pay medical bills from a disability but will be looking for another pair of ML Speakers.
    On a different note I would like to know about the original Statement speakers. (Not E2's). Did they produce a lot of them? Do they come available often or not at all and have you gotten a chance to ever listen to them and in your opinion how were they? Were they a freak or were they too much too preform well?
    I hope I'm not out of line asking you personal questions here but I'm new and am still learning.
    Thanks and great job on the site... Frank
    Hello Tom and Hello I just joined and have had the Requests and now bought the last pair of just discontinued Vantages which are very good is some ways more coherent then the original Sumitt. I got the bug and this weekend are taking all the stock cheap poly caps out and putting in the Obligotto Gold which are better than the Mundorf supreme caps But not as good as their Silver oil but still 3x better than stock caps .these big values the cost runs up fast. ,and the ceramic resisitors replacing them with all Mill wire wound 12W type
    and getting rid if the bywire and soldering them together to make just single. This will make a major improvement over stock.
    Tom will the Vantage be going up on the discontinued page ? I also wanted to ask you how do I show pictures of the inside before and after on the forum? thanks much and do you have subs running with your Monoliths ? thanks much , Paul.
    Looks like there are two x #394 Member Monolith III and "parttimejedi"'s SL3.

    I am a newbie and just posted my required intro post. As well, I posted for advice on dual Descent subs yesterday but it is now gone. I figured it was taken down becuase I did not post to the newbie area first.

    Can you now please put that thread back up? I really need some advice on these ML subs.


    Hi, Tom. Thanks again for the login assist. Reading the "Tweaks" guidelines, I see that my my response/post to an earlier thread by GeorgeHiFi on Monolith III passive crossover mod may have been redirected to "Main Discussion". How do I know if my post has been approved (by you) and where it might be located? I DID subscribe to the forum. Thanks.
    Hello Tom, I tried twice to list a classified for mt ML Theater and pair of SL3's and they haven't posted. Did I hit a wrong button?
    Hey Tom,
    Was wondering if you cleared things out of the classifieds after a while? I had a pair of mono-blocks listed and now they are gone?? Just wondering.

    Doug - out
    i just entered an for sale for SL3's and i put in the wrong price can you let me know when it will be posted? thanks
    My poll vanished - did it get deleted? I was trying to give Martin Logan a fair representation in the Planar Poll so that it wouldn't be dominated by Magnepan.
    Thank you,
    Steve Ford
    Hi Tom,just registerd other day. I also put some speakers in the classified area. Wondering how long it takes for it to show up? Sure you are busy, just wondering, thank you.
    Tom, I'm having trouble with PM, I have gotten yours, but I don't think mine are getting back to you. Please pm me with an alternate way to discuss.



    Sorry to bother you. Perhaps the "What a Jerk" thread should be closed?

    Is it just me, or is Repman over the line? What does is take to be banned?

    Thanks for taking a look, and again sorry for the bother. I'll try to do better myself.

    Thanks, Len
    hi tom. i uploaded some pictures last night along with specs of my system. its not viewable yet and was wondering if it failed to go through or are you just checking it 1st before posting it. thanks
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