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I am considering using (2) parasound 2250v2 amps, one for the left channel and one for the right. Is this a good idea or a waste of money? Obviously I’m a newbie, so be gentle. I’m running Martin Logan 40i’s.
Hello Rob

Thanks for your email and note, I appreciate it. The price that I have in mind would the "Blue Book Value" that we can obtain from audiogon, but I am flexible for sure and will give a fair
price. We can discuss by phone or zoom if you like. The Summit-X's are in great shape with no blemishes, just fyi.

Let me know please, Jim
Thanks so much Jim. I'll be in touch. I'm doing some traveling at the moment.
James Panek
No problem, I understand. My email address is: [email protected] and maybe a little easier to communicate through.

Best, Jim
Hi, I have bought a new pair of ESL 11A, but I have decided also to change amp. I have to chose between a Copland CTA 408 (Tube integrated) than has been advised me as the best solution, or two dream amp to me, Mcintosh MA 352 or MA 8900. I have read different forum pro and against Mcintosh with ML and I know I am talking about two different Mcintosh products, but I hope someone can advise me. Thank you
Thank you very much. Unfortunately in Europe it is not easy to have the possibility to listen different Loudspeakers/amp combinations . The Copland choice would be the reasonable one, as it has been tested, but Mcintosh would be the heart choice. Accordingly to the second one, I have to choose between MA352 or 8900. Thanks again
Totally understand. I heard a SS Mac integrated 200 watts and it was nice. Copland is 75 Watts/ch? I always lean to higher watts with the stats in general. 11 is more forgiving but I still thing it makes a difference.
I agree, big watts difference. Hybrid Mac has only analog inputs, but I listen Streamer with internal DAC and turntable...
Ahoj, jsem také šťastným majitelem starších SUMMIT X a jsou skvělí. Cena byla 6150, -Euro a hraji je na zesilovač ACCUPHASE A50V a předzesilovač DENAFRIPS ATHENA. napájecí kabely jsou kabely reproduktorů VOVOX TEXTURA a NORDOST TYR. Zatím velká spokojenost.
Hi Angie,

I have a post sitting on a forum that has been blocked for two days waiting for the moderator to approve it. Is that normal?