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Ahoj, jsem také šťastným majitelem starších SUMMIT X a jsou skvělí. Cena byla 6150, -Euro a hraji je na zesilovač ACCUPHASE A50V a předzesilovač DENAFRIPS ATHENA. napájecí kabely jsou kabely reproduktorů VOVOX TEXTURA a NORDOST TYR. Zatím velká spokojenost.
Hi Angie,

I have a post sitting on a forum that has been blocked for two days waiting for the moderator to approve it. Is that normal?

I have three Triangle, fiberglass filled units for room treatment....I spray painted one orange as U can see..I am in Ocala Fl and you can pick them up at my house or they can be shipped. I cannot upload the pic, as this site demands a URL only...U can email me at : [email protected] and I can send you the pics...given the difficulty in uploading photos I will not be sponsoring this site.
Okay, I am starting to look for a used pair of Martin Logan Summit. They do not need to be perfect, just without issues. I am hoping to find a pair that is in Florida. That way we don’t need to worry about shipping.
James Panek
I have a pair of ML Summit X for sale with original packing materials and boxes. I think they are 4 plus years old and in excellent condition (no marks). If I knew how to attach pics on this site I would do that.

Send me your email address if you’re interested and can send you images.

James Panek
PS: all apologies, but I’m first time user.
Big Guy - I see you're a fellow CLX owner. Whereabouts in CT are you? I'm in New Milford. Loving my CLX speakers - would be fun to compare notes once all this pandemic nonsense is behind us. I'm 58, married with 1 college-age daughter. -