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Angie, Bernard wrote to me an email, asking to contact you for help. Here is his email: Bobby, As I mentioned before, I can no longer post in MLO. I keep getting a message that I have insufficient privileges, and that attempts to send messages to my email ID fail. I can’t contact Tom.I don’t see the PM link, so could you please message him.Thanks, Bernard. bernard.dacosta@sympatico.ca
Thanks for the help, regards from Costa Rica,
Hi Timobi

I noticed from the Martin Logan Owners forum that you have 13As. I've just ordered a pair but they won't arrive till January - I'm in UK.

Could you let me know of a dimension that's not on the ML site or User Guide? What's the distance between the front and rear spikes? I ask because my present speakers stand on 60 x 30 cm (23 1/2" x 11 3/4") slate slabs. I'm hoping these will be good for the MLs. My guess from photos of the side of the speakers is that the distance is about 49 cm (19 1/4") in which case I won't need to look for new supports. I have nice timber floors that won't appreciate spikes, so these slabs with a sound absorbent pad below seem to work well.

Many thanks

Email cawson@onetel.com