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  • Hola roberto
    Estuve ofertando para comprar en ebay un cartucho koetsu smc1b black parece una edicion vieja, pero en estado totalmente nuevo, me intriga el koetsu como funcionaria en mi plato vpi classic 3 ? Conoces alguna experiencia con eso?
    Ordene el grado reference 1 el cual me encanta con mi plato, quien vende los koetsu en usa ? ,
    Do not worry about it... we take jokes from people that envy us, yes us, as ML owners. But that's it, a joke is a joke. I made a response and he did say he sorry for that rude comment. Please do not worry about it!... on the other hand, I am so proud of my system, as you are Bill. Now you enter with a world that was not unknown by you. With your time with Magneplanar, and now with ML, you do know of what is listening music through an open window. No glare, no plastic musician(s)... just the stage and the group playing for you. The piano is right and easy to understand the left hand vs right know all the rest!... please do not worry!!! everithing is O.K.
    Roberto I apologise for Roberts rude behaviour on FB, He's just a crazy musician.
    Roberto I may have gotten lost using my iPhone,if you can repost your PM's to me? Sorry Bill
    Te escribe Allan Gamboa ahora viviendo en Argentina
    Roberto, eres mi viejo amigo Roberto Herrera?
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