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Mar 9, 2017
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San Miguel de Allende
My name is Dirk Bakker, living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
Last month I finally managed to get my new Renaissances across the
border after having to convince custom officials not confiscate them with a tip of $2,500.
They traveled from a dealer demo in Montreal Canada back to ML in
Kansas for final inspection, on to my dealer in Cincinnati Ohio. The dealer
then shipped them to my courier in Laredo Texas who then drove them 500
miles south into Mexico. Total journey 10 weeks, but much to my relieve
they survived this odyssey in perfect condition.

They are joining my dual systems, cinema 5 channel under the screen, the
Renaissances left and right, the former front situated Summits now rear
left and right, the ML center and the Descent sub. Powered by the Emotiva XMC-1
Pre and the Butler TBD 5150 five channel amp.

To the right is my all tube 2-channel audio only set up, at the front
end a Sota vacuum turntable with an ET linear tracking tone arm and ZYX
cartidge. The analog front end consists of an Aesthetix IO with two left
and right power supplies. All placed outside of the main room.

In the main room the Aesthetix Romulus DAC and PS Audio transport, Audio
Research Ref II mark 2 pre and Audio Research Ref 210 mono blocks.
No mods other than some tube rolling.The room is lively but not overly
so, as the walls are not parallel and the steel ceiling ribbed and
irregular. The floor is 10" of polished concrete with nothing below.

I have owned Martin Logans since the 80s starting with the CLS, Sequels, Requests, Odysseys, Summits and now the Renaissance.

I think I'll stop with the Renaissances, bringing them across the border with threats of confiscation was a bit discouraging. They are much better suited to the room though, which runs 40 feet length wise.
The Summits were great but simply not up to the room volume, they work great as rear channels though.


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Very nice! Glad to read that you were able to convince customs to release your contraband with a little grease. You have a beautiful system, and a very nice space to place it in. Congrats!!

Hi Dirk, great setup!

And it sounds like worth the adventure to get them there. Good to have you back.
Amazing and amazing journey!

You are truly dedicated to the craft...