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  • Hey stranger, nice to hear from ya! Sorry to hear 'bout the E.R. situation in Chicago. It's the same everywhere. We're all in the same (sinking) boat in Medicine, which I suspect will only get worse. Scary thing is, who'll be taking care of US when we retire??

    At least we can always escape into our two-channel sanctuaries to escape the stresses, even if only for a little while.

    I've really had fun reconfiguring my Family/Listening room, and I'm 98% to where I want the sound to be. That last 2% will be tougher! Hope you'll keep visiting the board from time to time. Maybe Tom will let you post the FIRST non-ML system in the club! I'd sure like to see your Klipsch setup!

    BTW, I think a bunch of us are planning to attend RMAF in Denver later this year. Maybe you can sneak away for the weekend!

    Take care!
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