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    Hello Wink,

    Read some of your posts, I am new (lived in Prescott) awhile back now in Houston. I have a set of SL3. They have been in dusty cat hair house for awhile and now I am geting them back. I know little how to care for them but love my ML speakers. I know the last time i heard them the sound was low and pitiful. I thought i would try vacumming with a strong vacumm hose and see if that brings them back. They are powered by Marantz MA700 Mono amplifier. I want to bring them back to that amazing sound I discovered in 1999. I noticed in one of your threads you mentioned "Shower" cleaning. Could you tell me alittle more about this, any ideas you would share would be apreciated. -Bill88
    Hi Wink! I forgot to mention the Theater center in my post.. Just wondering since you have Theater i as a center does this have a external power circuit like the Stage and Motif..
    I read it somewhere that it does, but can`t believe it until someone can confirm it.. If so, I guess that`t the same with Theater (without i).. Do you know?
    And if should want to sell this one day.. you know where to reach me.. LOL


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