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Oct 31, 2021
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Melbourne, Australia

Here is my system

Main System
Primary Source - Streaming - Roon Nucleus - Convolution Filter (Minidsp, Audiolense XO)
Amplification - Devialet Expert Pro 1000 Mono
Speakers - Martin Logan CLX
Speaker Cable - Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Euphoria Level 3
Subs - 2 x Rel 212/sx
Sub RCA - Afterdark Project ClayX Black Mountain Carbon Fiber Woven Cable
Racks - SGR Audio Statement Model V

Main System - Power
Furutech DPS4.1 with FI 50 NCF Fittings -> PS Audio Powerplant 20
Furutech DPS4.1 with FI 50 NCF Fittings -> PS Audio Powerplant 12
Furutech DPS4.1 with FI 50 NCF Fittings -> Amps
Isotek EVO 3 Premier -> Speakers
Isotek EVO 3 Premier -> Subwoofers

Network - Sub Sytem
Mikrotik hEX s Router -> optical -> EtherRegen 1 -> Roon Nucleus -> EtherRegen 2 Out -> Mikrotik mAP wifi access point

Ethernet - Furutech LAN-8 NCF - EtherRegen 1 - Roon
Furutech LAN-8 NCF - EtherRegen 1 - EtherRegen 2
Wireworld Platinum Starlight series 8 - EtherRegen - Mikrotik mAP

Network Sub System Power
Power Conditioning -> Furutech DPS4.1 with FI 50 NCF Fittings ->PS Audio P3 Power Plant
-> Uptone Audio PS 2 LPS -> EtherRegen 2 -> Mikrotik mAP wifi access point
-> Uptone Audio PS 2 LPS -> Ether Regen 1
-> Router
All DC devices in network, USB, ir, HD backup, Raspberry Pie etc
- use linear power supplies, with shielded cable.
- sit on other side of optical fibre delivering to Roon
Isoaccoustics Gaia II - CLX Speakers
Isoaccoustics Orea Graphite - Etheregen
Isoaccoustics Oreo Bordeuex - Subwoofers
Nordost Sort Kone Bronze Ceramic -Devialet, Roon Nucleus
Cardas and Telos Caps - RCA
Audioquest - RJ45 Noise-Stopper Caps
Audioquest - USB Noise-Stopper Caps
Telos - Quantum XLR Caps
AfterDark Thermo Kit for UpTone EtherREGEN

Home Theatre
Configured 5.4.2 - Electronics housed in seperate space
Source - Apple TV
AV Processor - Anthem AVM 70
Main system for left and right.
Surround Amplification - Anthem - MCA 525 gen 2 and MCA 325 gen 2
TV - LG Oled CX series 77 inch
Centre Channel - Martin Logan ESL 34A
Surround Atmos speakers - Triad Bronze LRH
Front Atmos - Triad Bronze Atmos Modules

I like the piano black finish on the CLX's. I was going that way at first but changed my mind when I got the upgrade cost.