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Jan 3, 2005
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Palm Springs, CA
System #10 (Ascent, Theater, Descent)

1. Member Name: Joe, AKA: Reberb

2. Location: Palm Springs, California, USA.

3. ML Model(s): Ascents, Theater, Descent.

4. Year Purchased: 2002-2003

5. Mods/Changes: Changed Ascents red LED’S out for blue.

6. Associated Electronics:

VPL-HS51A "Sony Cineza" (front Projection LCD)
PS Audio XStream Statement Power Cable
All unused ports are caped off from EMI & RFI.

Projector has a dedicated PS Audio P500 power plant.

HD Cable Box
Pace DC55op
Time Warner Digital Cable with full HD package.
AudioQuest YIQ-3 component video cable to TV
Isonode Anti-Vibration Feet

Sony Playstation 3 60GB
1 Meter WLC "Signature Edition" 100% Solid Silver 22AWG HDMI Cable.
Solid Tech "Feet of Silance" (isolation feet)

Toshiba HD-A1 HD-DVD player (Running Firmware 2.0)
Audioquest HDMI-3 video cable
PS AUDIO XStream Statement Power Cord

Pioneer Elite DV-59Avi
AudioQuest King Cobra Interconnets (for SACD & DVDA)
Solid Tech "Feet of Silance" (isolation feet)
AudioQuest “EagleEye”, 1.0M, 72 Volt DBS, PSS (Perfect Surface Silver), Interconnect. (SPDIF to Dragon Pro)
PS Audio XStream Statement Power Cable

Camelot Dragon Pro 2 mk. III
AudioQuest “EagleEye”, 0.5M, 72 Volt DBS, PSS, Interconnect. (SPDIF to Anthem D1)
PS Audio XStream Statement Power Cable
Daruma 3-II Isolation Bearings

Marantz AV-8003
AudioQuest "Columbia" 72V Dbs, XLR, PSC+, Interconnect's. (To B&K)
Ophit 33ft Fiber Optic HDMI cable (to projector)
PS Audio XStream Statement Power Cable
Aurios 1.0 Isolation bearings

B&K 125.7 (125 Watts X7)
Daruma 3-II Isolation Bearings

PS Audio Power Plant Premier
Grand Prix Audio isolation stand

ML Ascent’s
AudioQuest Rocket 88 72 DBS cable Bi-amped
PS Audio Power Punch Cable's
Clean Power by Ps Audio PPP

ML Theater
AudioQuest Rocket 88 72 DBS Cable (single wire)
PS Audio Power Punch Cable
Clean Power Ps Audio PPP

My backup Polk towers for now. Replacing my ML Scripts with a floor standing Martin Logan.
AudioQuest Slate Speaker cable (single wire)

ML Descent
PS Audio XStream Statement XLR interconnect.
PS Audio Ultimate XStream Statement Power Cable. (up to 40 dB clean power)

All unused RCA plugs have been caped with Cardas RCA caps.
All plugs and connectors cleaned with Caig DeoxIT D5, and conditioned with Pro Gold G5.
All Cables lifted off the floor with DIY cable lifters.

Sony Playstation 3 60GB HD with Blu-Ray and HDMI video.
MS Xbox 360 Platinum Edtion
Nintendo Wii
MS Xbox
Sony Playstation 2
Nintendo GameCube
Plus many more systems not listed.




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Great system Joe!! I love the way you have it all arranged, It's a cool looking setup. Thanks for sharing. :)
Thanks Seth,
I love my system very much, but like most HT’s its not done yet. I need to get a bigger room first, but after that I would like to ditch the big TV and Audio rack and go front projection with a small low profile audio rack.
Very cool Joe! I was always curious what the rear of the room looked like. Love the DTS, THX, and Dolby Digital prints on the wall. Thanks for sharing. :)

Thanks STV.
Those three posters are my favorite, especially the THX because George Lucas autographed it.
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How do like your Descent, because I yet to listen to one yet as my ML Dealer doesn't have one in right now. I am currently using a Velodyne Servo and one it's voicecoils is going out so I considering getting either the Descent or the Depth. Any reason you chose the Descent over the Depth? Your help is very much appreciated.

ltholley said:
How do like your Descent, because I yet to listen to one yet as my ML Dealer doesn't have one in right now. I am currently using a Velodyne Servo and one it's voicecoils is going out so I considering getting either the Descent or the Depth. Any reason you chose the Descent over the Depth? Your help is very much appreciated.


Hello Luke,

I had a Velodyne CHT-10 about 3 ½ years ago I don’t miss it. :p

The Descent was Martin Logan’s first entry into the world of internally amplified subwoofers. As soon as this subwoofer came out I ran down to my dealer to addition it. That was the day the Descent became my reference standard, the bass was so tight, loud and controlled, it was unbelievable. What sold me on the Descent was when we played Crystal method, I could literally feel all my internal organs, with the Descent’s volume set at 6 ½ and the 25Hz level at +3, the bass still seamlessly blended in with the Prodigy’s.

Did I buy the Descent right then and there? Well there is a $2700 answer why I could not buy it. One year later the Depth came out at a much lower price point then the descent I was able to pick one up with the money I had been saving up for the Descent. It was a grate piece of hardware; it will give you performance very close to the Descent. I loved how fast the Depths little 8” divers could move (one of the few advantages the Depth has over the descent). After about three weeks I took the Depth back, I loved the Depth don’t get me wrong but I missed the impact you get with the Descent.

I love the Descent very much I do miss just how fast the Depths drivers could move but it just didn’t have the slam/impact of the descent and I really wanted my next sub to have an XLR input. If the Depth had a XLR input I probably would have looked past the Depths lack of low-level impact, but for me the Descent was the Wright way to go. With the Descent hooked up with a PS audio Statement XLR interconnect and Statement power cable I am getting the best bass I have ever heard in my entire life period.

Some day soon I will be getting a Second Descent. :D
Wow.......what a system !!!!!!! I would watch dvd's all day.. who needs work! Great looking system... nice job of making the room look so cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for the kind words Wayne. I wish I didn’t have to work so much, I would love to be able to sit and watch movies all day, but then I wouldn’t have money to keep evolving the system. :D

Thanks again Joe.
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Your system is totally awesome. I like your HT lay out. Your room looks so comfortable and theater like. What were your room dimensions? I have read many of your posts. Are you concidering changing amplifiers? Sunfire Cinema Grand, to another am like the Hybird amplifier, from Butler Audio? If you don't mind, I have a new thread directed at you, for your opinion... I do respect your in-put on audio advice.

I have been saving-up for a great sounding amp. with power, but I have not, as yet made any firm decesion.

Your system is an truely an inspiration, to me. Let us know, if you make any improvements to it...

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Awesome, Theater Like, inspiration? Geese Robin, I am blushing. :p

No seriously, thank you for the kind comments. I really love my system, and I have wonderful pains for it, I am far from being done. I hope to make a true reference home theater, I may not have the big room need for it yet, but I will. Isolation has been a big concern for me and has taken a lot of my time figuring out how to isolate every thing as much as possible, the power, components, speakers, Etc. Once I can move the big TV out and go front projection thing will start to change really fast. I have been trying to hold off for a 1080i projector to replace my Grand Vega; we will just have to see what CEDIA ’05 Brings.

I really like your system too Robin, hopefully you can get it out of that small room, and really grate to see just what your system us fully capable of.

Take Care
Joe :D
Here is a photo of one of my new toys.

I have elevated my Descent subwoofer off the floor and onto a GrandPrix audio “Monaco” isolation stand. The stand was designed for mono block amps but it fit the Descent perfectly. The stand has 8 points of isolation giving what ever component you put onto it closer to floating in air. When I first tried the sub with the Monaco I was amazed how the bass was imaging, the sound was taking on a real quality, without that sub boom, boom, but it had definition like you could tell one type of drum from another.

One thing that struck me as odd was it felt like my whole system had improved in sound quality? Not only did the Descent sound better, but also did the Ascents? At first I said to myself I must be hearing things. I was so accustomed to the bass over powering the mids and high’s (like the dB of the sub was droning out the other speakers) this was the first time the bass could play as loud as it wanted and there was no interaction with the mids and highs.

Basically as I under stand it the stand is dampening the vibrations of the sub so that they cannot be transferred from the speaker spikes into the concrete slab (house foundation) and back into my speakers and audio rack. Thus I have greatly limited it interaction with the rest of my system. A very neat Pease of gear to put it mildly. :cool:

Thanks for looking


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The 'Monaco', isolation stand, is very interesting... Is your Descent's spikes on a piece of plastic or marble? Does the piece of, plastic or slate, come with the Monaco stand? I have seen photo's on the internet, of a Butler 100A tube amplifier, on one of these, Monaco stands, think it was, at an CES show displayed some where. It looks great with your Descent, in your HT. If you don't mind my asking how much does a Monaco isolation stand cost?

Thanks for your kind words about my system... In about five or six years from now, when I retire, I'll have my system in a 28'x24'x10' room. Hopefully, I'll have better amplifier equipment way before then.

Say, Joe, I was wondering, if you could help me... I've been trying to compair, the specifications of the, Butler 5150, to the, Sunfire Cinema Singnature Grand 400~seven, spacifically, the peak to peak voltage and current, also the Ampheres when running the Sunfire is: 56.6 Vrms... I can not find these specifications for the, Butler 5150, and I even downloaded the Butler's owners manual... Do you know the specification for the Butler in theses areas? or where I might find them?



My descent is spike directly to the Monaco’s shelf. The self is a ¾” thick peace of acrylic, it's very heavy. Under the self is three subroutine dampeners that are sittings on that black triangle. The triangle is real carbon fiber; the carbon fiber is attached to those steel posts with a rubber dampener between them. The steel posts have steel caps that have rubber gaskets insulating them, and the spikes are screwed into the bottom caps. It all adds up to one amazing peace. Retail price is $1250.00, but I got a good deal off Audiogon.
For more info check out

You can also get there apex footers to replace the spikes on there stands are any peace of gear you have or even your speakers. I am thinking about getting a set to replace the spikes on the Descent.

I be leave my room is 14’ deep, 12’ wide, 8’ tall. The room is an “L” shape my system is on the long wall.

I don’t have those spec’s, not sure ware you can get them, you could try calling or e-mailing butler. However to get too evolved into the spec’s, trust your ears. Get the amp that sounds good to your ears not the one that looks good on paper.

Great advice Joe...


Thank you sooooo much for the great advice and web site inforamtion, it really does help me. I am considering Monaco isolation stand. I shall, 'trust my ears', :D Joe, but I think, I will call or e-mail butler too, before I start, the process of auditioning.

Again Thank you, for sharing so much with me, I appreciate it. :)

It sounds like you’re on the right track. Also if you can’t find a butler dealer, you can order an amplifier off their website and try it in home for 10 days. The 10 days does not start till you receive your amp, If you don’t like it, you pay shipping to send it back and they will refund you for the amp.

On Grandprix Audio’s website, if you click on reviews, there are consumer and professional reviews, as well as a photo gallery, showing product installs. Grandprix audio does list the prices for there products on there website.

Take care
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Hey I like the system!! :) I am going to audition some different pre pro and amps for mine. Can you tell me a little about youre sunfire gear? Sound and function? I am looking for a smooth non fatigue sound and there is an Ultimate Electronics around the corner where I can try out some gear. Thx.
cadethoerk said:
Hey I like the system!! :) I am going to audition some different pre pro and amps for mine. Can you tell me a little about youre sunfire gear? Sound and function? I am looking for a smooth non fatigue sound and there is an Ultimate Electronics around the corner where I can try out some gear. Thx.

Thank you Cadethoerk,

I wish I knew you were having problems with your system a few weeks ago, I just got back a week ago from a weekend trip to phoenix. I could have meet up with you and seen if I could help you. I lived in phoenix for four years going to school; the Ultimate Electronics that was on Peoria just off the I-17 was ware I feel in love with Martin Logan’s for the first time. There setup was the Prodigy’s with cinema and script surrounds, Krell Theater amp and processor standards ran the set up, with a descent sub as backup.

I loved the way that set up sounded, but as all things change I now find Krell too bright. I like my setup to be powerful, commanding, with lots of detail and a hint of warmth. That’s what lead me too Sunfire, they are very powerful amps that are very warm. I do not find Sunfire as accurate as Krell or most other manufactures out there. I liked Sunfires equipment but sadly I am ready for a change, that’s not to say Sunfire is bad, it just doesn’t do it for me any more. Their amp and pre are almost too laid back for me now.

If you find your systems too bright and in your face I will put money on it’s your amp, pre-amp or both. Try the Sunfire, I think you will like it. Also jerry’s audio video on Camelback carries Sunfire, some times they have discounted demo peaces.

Lots of people love the sound of Sunfire Matched with Martin Logan.

Martin Logan’s are not bright speakers, they are not laid back speakers, they are whatever characteristic your equipment is. Most equipment is made with woofers and tweeters in mind. If that manufactures reference speakers have a harsh tweeter sound the manufacture may chouse to roll of the highs, which may sound fine with a traditional speaker but we will hear the roll off with Electrostat’s, ribbons, ATF, etc. We have one of the most accurate speakers in the world! Now you need to find what equipment makes it sing best for you.

I hope this helps you.

Joe :D

P.S. I should be making another trip out to Phoenix in November if you need help or would like to get together.