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Jun 14, 2007
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Houston, Tx
I just wanted to share my new set-up which has been a long time in the making. I originally posted my old Martin Logan System on here back in 2008 (System #318) and it largely stayed the same for the past 13 years. However, my family moved to a new home in December 2021 and I wanted to create my “forever system” that would last me until retirement. Unfortunately, our new home had a lot of space, but nothing that was suitable for my purposes. However, we did have a space in which the previous owner converted an attic into an almost 1000 square foot wide-open gym/workout area with vaulted ceilings. This space was largely useless to us (we referred to it as “The Monstrosity”), so I wanted to make it into something more usable for my family. Over the next 7 months, a simple idea using my existing gear turned into me getting carried away with a massive renovation and an almost completely overhauled system. I largely bought all my “new” components through MLO Classifieds, Audiogon, and US Audio Mart and got some killer deals. Martin Logans can also be found in many other areas of my house as well. While not quite finished, I am extremely happy with how everything has turned out so far. Here are the requisite details:

1. Member Name: Chris R.

2. Location: Houston, TX USA

3. ML Model(s):
Theater/Listening Room (7.3.4 system) - Summit X, Focus C18, EFX (surrounds), Motion XTW6-LCR (rear surrounds), Motion XTC8 (ATMOS x4), Balanced Force 210 (front subs x2), Descent i (rear sub)

Kids’ Loft (3.1 system) - Source and Fresco i

Treadmill Area (2.0 system) - Motion 12

Living Room (3.0 system) - Motion 4i, Motion SLM XL

Bedroom - Vision Soundbar

Whole House Distributed Audio - Helos 20 (6 pairs)

Backyard/Pool - ML-65AW (2 pairs)

4. Year Purchased: 2006-2022

5. Associated Equipment:

Pre-amp--Denon AVR-6700h

Amplification-- Krell KAV-3250 (Summit Xs and Focus), Sunfire Cinema Grand (EFXs and XTW6-LCRs), Denon 6700h (XTC8s)

Speaker Cables--Audioquest CV-8 (Summit X), Audioquest Rocket 44 (Focus), Monoprice Access 12-gauge CL2 wiring (everything else)

Interconnects--Audioquest King Cobra RCA

Sub Cables---Audioquest Sub-1

other cables---all audioquest

Music Server--TBD

Bluray and Games — XBox Series X

Turntable--Pro-Ject Debut III

Power Management- Panamax 5300 PM, Panamax 5100ex, Panamax M2Coax (for rear subwoofer)

Display-- Sony XBR85X900h

Control--Logitech Harmony Elite

Acoustic Treatments- GIK Acoustics 244 Bass Traps (Qty. 4), Impression Series Pro Bass Trap Absorber/Diffusers (Qty. 4), Blown-in sound deadening insulation in all walls and ceiling

Cooling System— Assortment of AC Infinity components and fans

Rack— BDI Mirage

Lighting— LIFX smart LEDs for the riser and can lights. The colors are programmed to change and pulse with the music if I choose to do so. The sconces are not “smart” but still controlled within the LIFX system. Additionally, there is a Medialight MK2 Bias Light behind the TV.

Here is the finished product (room dimensions are 20’ x 14’ x 8’6”):

View of seating area. I have two rows of custom seats ordered, but they are taking forever to get here. So this old mismatched couch will have to do for now.


Closeup of gear:

This is what the room was originally when we moved in:

I knew I wanted to convert this space into an enclosed theater, but I also wanted the rest of the space to still be usable and a gathering place for family and friends. This was difficult though since the room had three attic doors, a back stairwell, 3 alcoves, a 25 foot vaulted ceiling, and weird support beams everywhere. My biggest worry was making an awkward room look even worse and the theater looking out of place in the room. I also wanted to keep some of the character of the room. I came up with the idea of building a loft and having the theater under the loft. My wife really couldn’t picture it and thought it sounded “weird”..but told me to go for it! I found a general contractor to do the major construction, but I did all of the design, wiring, and installation myself. Here was the result:


Entrance under stairs:

My sons’ gaming area on top of the new loft (more shelving and decorations to come):

Treadmill area in one of the alcoves:

I will post updates when I finish out the rest of the larger room, but that will take some time since I already went way over budget. The next addition will definitely be a DAC/Streamer combo (recommendations are definitely welcome!) and a 4th subwoofer (probably another Descent i). I also wired for 6 Atmos speakers, so I might eventually pick up another pair of XTC8s for a full 7.4.6 system.

Any comments, constructive criticism, questions, or recommendations are welcome!


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Wow! Nice areas and setup. Congrats.