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Sep 19, 2005
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Just wanted to share an experiment experience with everybody here.

During the weekend have made a set of filtered power cables.
Used a power line filter kit that I bought here in Germany,
a decent shielded power cable, ferrite rings and good and robust
power plugs.
Soldered & assembled everything and replaced the power cables
on my Ascents.
Result ... clearly audible better instrument/voice separation, deeper
and wider soundstage, cleaner highs, warmer voices and instrument timbre.
Improved microdynamics. Heard some previously unnoticed details.
All that for less than 100 EUR investment :)
Clearly different also in low volume listening mode - kept me (re)listening to
my music until 2:00 AM.

I would also like to know your opinions on power line filters,
conditioners etc. What were the sonic differences in your setup(s) - if any?
Especially the influence on the sound of the electrostatic panels?


I added a power line filter, and now I can see less noise on the power supplies in my amps. The output of the amps still has noise, though, so that must be coming from somewhere else. I don't know if it sounds different coz I changed a few other things at the same time.