I've got a bad feeling about this.

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Mar 12, 2005
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Apple Valley, CA
Return of the Sith is in theaters now and it makes my heart heavy for what could have been. I do not really want to take anything away from George Lucas. After all he did create the original Star Wars. Also, I cannot blame him for cashing in when the money is there for the taking. But since we all made him a gazillionare I think he owns us 3 decent movies. Sadly, we are getting the 3 worst movies in history to every become blockbusters. No I have not seen the latest movie but judging from Episodes I and II I think it is totally unnecessary. They are not even movies anymore to me; they are simply product.

I have seen the Star Wars barrage on TV and it seems that the Media is going to great lengths to portray George as a Hollywood outsider, yet these movies scream Hollywood in the worst ways. We have scripts that seem written by steering committees hell bent on hitting every demographic that will buy the auxiliary products. We have movies that instead of paying homage to the originals they leech off of them. We have a director/producer with such a big ego that he could care less what anybody thinks including the fans who made him rich. His Hollywood style self-importance simply astounds me.

George you got lucky! You are not a genius. If you watch the Star Wars documentary you will hear George talking about how he had written a story but it was too long so he started in the middle and that is what became the first trilogy. He's lying. It is obvious that the second trilogy does not hold a candle to the first. The only thing that people remember about Episode I was that it was a Star Wars movie and it was bad. EVERYBODY remembers the original Star Wars. This movie has been stuck in peoples heads for decades! You would think that the 22 years between the original and Episode I we would have gotten a tight, coherent, and intelligent story full of surprise and wonder. Especially if it was already written and the writer had 22 years to refine it! Hahahaha! What we got was drivel filled with logic wholes.

Case in point, why does C3PO and R2D2 not remember Obi-Wan in the original? They obviously know each other in Episodes I and II. OK so maybe along the way the droids' memories got erased. Convenient. I resolved that one for you George. Wait a minute...so why does Obi-Wan not remember them in the original either? Ok having C3PO and R2D2 in the second trilogy probably moves merchandise. Logic hole explained.

Also it is obvious that George's directing skills have atrophied since 1977 (that last time he directed a movie). I have never seen a directory take some of Hollywood's finest and reduce them to stiffs on screen. Natalie Portman is an accomplished actress but under George's direction she might as well be a marionette. Christian Hayden is practically phoning in his lines. And Christopher Lee, a true thespian, is reduced to 50's mad scientist horror shtick. But then again the dialog is so cheesy it is no wonder that they cannot be delivered with some conviction.

Furthermore, this current trilogy is nothing but squandered opportunities!
Darth Maul. One of the most interesting villains in recent memory with his kick-ass double light saber and martial arts style! Killed in Episode I. We get Count Dooku instead. The name is even lame.

Samuel L. Jackson. The baddest badass that Hollywood has to offer. Not to mention, an accomplished actor who plays his parts with passion. (Why does this man not have an Oscar yet I will never know. Shame on you Hollywood!) Reduced to a bit player. Talent wasted.

Jake Lloyd. Poor kid. His career was tanked before it even got started.

Jar Jar Binks. Jamaicans everywhere are pi$$ed.

Midichlorian and the fact that Anakin was born without the help of a father just like Jesus Christ. Well not a squandered opportunity but an idiotic idea that was totally dropped in Episode II. Oh don't remember that? Well don't worry, we will not be remembering anything about these movies in a couple of years anyways. (Thanks God!)

Keira Knightly. Ok, she was just the decoy Queen Amadala that got killed in Episode I. (Oh, don't remember that one either?) But anyone who does not use this perfect example of beauty and talent to full effect should be banished from movies! I love you Keira!

Galaxy Geisha girls as queens (Queen Amadala). This might have worked if. they. did. not. have. to. talk. like. this.

I could go on and on but I will spare you.

George says he is going to go back to making smaller art-house type films after RotS (Return of the Sith, but I have no doubt that the acronym is fitting) a la THX 1138. Since nobody wants to say it I will, "George that movie was a flop because it sucked. It only made money after Star Wars."

Final message to George. Please please please never never direct or write a movie again!!! Even in a galaxy far far away.

That's my rant!

PS. Even though I know it is a waste of money I will most likely go see RotS sometime in the future. But just like a girlfriend that you stay with even after she has broken your heart, it will never be the same.

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George Lucas loves every aspect of filmmaking except two: writing and acting.

And yet the film is winning praise among some reviewers, especially at
the artsy Cannes film festival, because they can read into it some
glimmer of an anti-war, anti-Bush message. This is the shallowness of today's intellectual "elite," who can embrace a bad film
so long as it propagandizes for their narrow political cause.

"Auteur Is Born," Opinion Journal, May 20

"The ecstatic reception for director George Lucas and his new 'Star
Wars' film in Cannes this week reminded us of other creative people who
have had to look to France to find the respect they were missing at home.
One was Alfred Hitchcock, who was elevated from thrillmeister to true
artiste only when his work was blessed by director Francois Truffaut and
other French arbiters of culture. Now Mr. Lucas, apparently due in part
to an anti-Bush, anti-Iraq War message detected in 'Star Wars: Episode
III--Revenge of the Sith,' finds himself a sudden darling of the Cannes
intelligentsia.... What's got some people cheering and others frowning
about Mr. Lucas's latest movie is the assumption that it is an
indictment of the Bush administration for allegedly abusing power in order to wage war and persuade the American people to abandon central tenets of democracy. One supposed tipoff is a scene where the villainous
Chancellor assumes emergency powers. When a compliant senate applauds him, a character laments: 'So this is how democracy dies--to thunderous
applause.' Then there is the moment when the character who will become
the dreadful Darth Vader says that those who are not with him 'are my
enemy.' That line is being read as a disparaging echo of President
Bush's post-9/11 comment that 'you're either with us or against us in the
fight against terror.' "
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Yeah.. George Lucas doesn't have an original thought in his brain. He's been milking the Star Wars thing his whole life.

Prequel #1 was dreadful. Prequel #2 was mildly better. Prequel #3 is supposed to be alot better. It grossed $50M on it's opening day - a new record! I don't get it.

My friend Ryan emailed me yesterday and asked if I wanted to go see it with some friends of ours. The only available time was 1:30AM. I said, "F_CK that!"
“Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith” has broken multiple box office records grossing $158.5 million in North America from midnight Thursday to Sunday. In addition, the film’s international revenue has brought in $144.7 million thus far.

“Revenge of the Sith” broke the records for one-day, two-day, three-day, four day and five day sales. First day ticket sales were over $50 million (Spider-Man 2 previously had the opening day record at $40.4 million), with midnight debut showings accounting for $16.5 million. Advance ticket sales online and via telephone produced a significant amount of the sales. Online ticket service Fandango reported that six tickets per second were being sold through Thursday and Friday.

In comparison, 2002’s release of “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones” grossed $30.1 million in it’s first day and $110 million through its first weekend. "Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace" has grossed over $922 million worldwide.

Movie executives are hoping that this large turnout will help boost summer ticket sales in general, but it will be hard for almost any other film to live up to hype that was started 30 years ago.


I like Episode III the best out of the Prequals. I don't think it will ever be a classic like the original trilogy, but I did find it a very enjoyable movie. So far I have seen it twice, The midnight showing and sunday afternoon. There is nothing like seeing Starwars at midnight on opening night with all the screaming and yelling of the nerds, the energy of the crowd makes it so much more fun.

I would recommend you see it.
Ep. I was OK
Ep. II was good
Ep.III Is by no means a perfect Movie, but a very enjoyable popcorn flick.

In My Opinion. :D
Like I said, these movies are product. Look at it this way, Apple has sold millions of iPods and has made tons of money. And they are nifty little devices, but is that your main source in your system? Sure, you probably own one. I do too, but does it compare to your CD player that was built to a higher specification?

George Lucas should have made the prequels to a higher specification.
iPod what? jking... No I dont have an iPod, or an MP3 player for that matter,well... my PlayStation Portable can play MP3's but I dont use it for that. Not a big fan of MP3's.
socialxray said:
George Lucas should have made the prequels to a higher specification.

Lots of people have been saying the same thing. If he started the prequels off like EP.III, the series would have been brighter. There not sci-fi classics, there more of summer block buster action/ adventures, Jerry Bruckheimer style, blow the crap out of everything and have just enough story to support the mindless action till the end.
Yeah Zip, you are correct. They are just movies and I should get over it. I really do not want to sound elitist because I do enjoy a good "popcorn" flick. I guess it is just that Star Wars is near and dear to my heart. Probably because it made such an impression on me at such a young age. Consequently, my therapist has penciled me in for tomorrow. :p
Being a die-hard Star Wars fan here, we took a extra day off just before our trip to Europe just to see EP. III. I was trying to stay away from the media hype and all the spoilers on the net just so I would see the movie with a clean slate.

I was surprised that it was as good as it was for a popcorn summer flick. The first 1/2h or so I was bored with all the special effects and what not but then the story started rolling. What surprised me was the reactions form my wife and other female friends. The actually came away emotionally attached to Vader feeling sorry for him. Quite a few tears were shed by many and they actually want to see ep. 4-6 over again now.

Sure Ep. III will not win any dramatic acting awards but I would rank it way ahead of Ep. I and II.
EricE said:
Sure Ep. III will not win any dramatic acting awards but I would rank it way ahead of Ep. I and II.

i'd agree. my ranking of the 6 would be

A new hope
The empire strikes back
revenge of the sith
return of the jedi
phantom menace
attack of the clones