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I just wanted to share my initial experience with you folks regarding the Prodigys. Less than three weeks ago I purchased a new pair of Ascent i's and I was reasonably happy with them (except for some "quirks" from being new). I was able, though, to find a pair of Prodigys in my vicinity (by that, I mean that I drove 1,500 miles R/T to get them: Oregon to Utah and back). I hooked up the Prodigys and turned on my Dynalab MD108 (trust me, there's a reason for this) and ... my jaw sustained a serious fracture for its plumet. Ever read some of the reviews claiming that with a good antenna the MD108 can sound as good as a CD player? Umm... well ... thanks to the Prodigys that's entirely plausible. Three-dimensional imaging? You betcha! And this from a radio! I think the Ascent i is a great speaker but I wasn't prepared for the difference between it and the Prodigys. For those who may be contemplating purchasing the Prodigys all I can say is DO IT!!!! The past six hours have been some of the most revelatory times I've spent with audio equipment.
Strangely enough, I've never considered listening to the radio on my system (I only have Claritys by the way)...

Another experience to be contemplated... :)
Veloce_Racing said:
The past six hours have been some of the most revelatory times I've spent with audio equipment.

I know how you feel. I purchased a pair of Odysseys last week and music is actually an interesting and enjoyable experience now. Instead of tedious and honestly dare I say boring. I've purchased more CDs this week than in the last 4-5 years and amazed by the sound in my living room. CDs sound like SACD and the performance is in the room is stunning. I'd have to say ML has a convert here after coming from a traditional (not half bad) box speaker. I can't imagine buying any other speaker but a ML at this point. I feel like I'm 13 and discovering music again for the first time. Amazing and bravo to Martin Logan!
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