Which brand of speaker wire do you use?

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Feb 11, 2005
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Which brand of speaker wire are you running from your amps to your ML's? What about your interconnects?

I'm trying to get a tally of what may be a popular choice with ML owners.

So far my I've been looking at Nordost Blue Heaven and would like to have a few other names to listen to in the next couple of weeks.

*please, no debates. Post only what you are using.
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Speaker Cables

I'm using Wireworld Polaris on the panels and DIY Cat5 with cables for the woofers.
on the CLS, vandenhul magnum. silver coated OFC. the logos and scripts use 10 guage no name zip until i get the amps mounted closer. then i'm sharing the vandenhul (i have 4 feet extra on each side) and using some naim speaker cable i have upstairs (again, i have feet extra now that the amps are near the speakers).

on a side note, the naim speaker cable is directional. i can understand IC's being directional, due to attaching the braid/foil sheath to one end only, but two conducter speaker cable looks identical from either end.
Speaker cables are AudioQuest Indigo in a "shotgun" configuration, i.e. two parallel lengths per side, not biwired.

IC's are Audioquest "DiamondBack" through out the system.
I've had the good fortune to test some cables from my local high-end store. So far I've tried Harmonic Technology 11s, Soundstring, Audience Au24, and currently using Anaylsis Oval 9s. I've also spent some time with Monster 1.4 which isn't really too bad. So far only one has really stood out and made a significant difference and that was the Audience Au24. I didn't expect much from them since they're doesn't appear to be much to them. They are thin and plain. After playing them for a short while I was surprised and impressed. I tried my personal reference CDs with them and the sound was a significant improvement even over the Soundstrings. They're very pleasing to listen to and I plan to buy them as soon as I can afford it.
There is only one brand to use...

Better Cables !!!

I have their Blue Truth speaker cables and interconnects.


And, no, I don't work for them or own stock in them... :cool:


Hi there,

I recently auditioned several different cables, all at roughly the same price point. I ran the audition over two weeks at home with my usual kit. I included Nordost, VdH, Transparent, Chord and Townshend. Put simply, in my system, Nordost Blue Heaven blew the others away.

The only real way to decide is to audition in your own system - the cable will always interact with the other components, so what works well in my system may sound c**p in someone elses. If your dealer doesn't want to let you audition at home, find a new dealer!

Above all, let your ears decide!



Home depot 12 gauge sounds great and very inexpenisve, i refuse to get hung up in the wire debates, i have a friend who is a Physicist and he said most of this cable stuff is a joke and a good money maker for the cable makers.
I personally use Transparent and have always enjoyed the result.
lexor said:
Home depot 12 gauge sounds great and very inexpenisve, i refuse to get hung up in the wire debates, i have a friend who is a Physicist and he said most of this cable stuff is a joke and a good money maker for the cable makers.

I have Odyssey, Theater, and Aerius speakers and have always used Home Depot 12ga with them. I finally broke down and bought a pair of Audioquest Type 6 biwire for the Odysseys. I cannot hear any difference over the Home Depot 12ga. No plans to change the cables on the Theater and Aerius.

No reason to start an endless debate. If you can hear a difference between cables 'I AGREE' you have a better ear for, and knowledge of, sound quality than me. If you hear a significant difference I recommend you spend whatever you can afford to puchase and enjoy them.
Bizarre. . .


It is wierd - I'm a trained electronic engineer, and everything I've ever learned tells me that the cables shouldn't make a significant difference. . . but when I do listen to different cables I hear differences. Of course, difference cables will have differing capacitance / inductance / resistance levels which when combined will have an interaction with your equipment. What still surprises me is the amount of difference that I can discern, even in blind tests.

An interesting fact. I know a lot of ML owners are in the States, but there is a UK audio company called Naim, who manufacture a very highly regarded range of products. Strangely, use of non-Naim speaker cables will invalidate the warranty on many of their amplifiers. They state that this is due to incorrect inductance/capacitance in the cable being able to damage the amplifier (their words not mine - I don't own Naim gear!).

I'll say again what I've said before: Arrange an audition, ideally 'blind' - i.e. you don't know which cable you're hearing. If you hear the difference, buy the one you like. If you don't, then stick with what you have - there's no point in spending money on something that gives no benefit!!

Just my intoxicated thought of the night!


David (About to sit in front of MLs and enjoy some Miles Davis)
DavidG said:
(About to sit in front of MLs and enjoy some Miles Davis)

Thanks David...you've done quite alot in making jealous. I cannot wait much longer til my Aeoni's arrives...2 more months and I'll be blasting the trumpet too.

BTW...I bought the A5 series from Musical Fidelity...quite pleased with this UK purchase.
If zip cord is ok for speaker cable then why isn't low budget radio-shack type electronics, capacitors, transformers, and zip cord ok to use in your amplifier, pre-amp and front-end gear?

Regardless of any sound improvement, I would still buy and use a decent speaker cable for esthetic and build quality reasons. I want my system to look nice and build quality is important to me.

I have found repeatedly that different cables can alter the sound although it's usually subtle.
I am currently using Ted's Excellent Cable made by Ted Paisly here in Dallas (www.thecablepro.com) on a system consisting of Aeons, Logos, Scenarios, and a Descent sub. Rest of the system is Proceed Amp 5, Myryad MDP500G6 processor, Lexicon RT-10 universal player. Sounds great particularly on SACD and DVD Audio. I also have Blue Heaven for the Aeons, but they are not long enough in my current setup (boohoo!). They do sound great! Interconnects are a mix of Cardas Hex, Blue Heaven, and Kimber Hero. I am of the "cables are audible and different" contingent. If I could afford all Blue Heaven, I'D USE IT!
I am with you. I have never had the nerve to plop down hundreds if not thousands for cables. I think my cash would be better spent upgrading equipment rather than wiring.
I use QED Silver BW Biwire speaker cables. Bought them from Solen.ca for a fair price.