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G'day maties, greetings from Melb. Off topic: it's a darn shame we (Aussie Matilda's) just couldn't get "over the line," hence England's Lionesses won that semi final -WWC soccer.
Then of course England faced Spain in the final, Spain won and their football chief stole / forced a kiss... and now "hells frozen over!"

On topic: I've posted my findings on cables and accessories somewhere here... can't remember exactly where??? Anyway, trying to recollect a few ones I've used in various system configs, setting up for customers and in our personal reference systems: Monster Cable, Cord, Van Den Hull, MIT, Kimber, Audio Note, Cardas, Audio Quest and now Nordost. There's a host of others I can't even remember but these specific ones were used across in order over the decades.

One in particular that finally got me "over the line," was none other than Nordost, bloody marvelous! And then all "hell frozen over," once I actually tried their top of the line, Odin series, Superb!!! There's no denying it but it's way too rich for my humble finances. I didn't get that far, and so have settled with their Norse series. Perhaps in the next few years I may reconsider the Odin Reference series but that all depends on current economic conditions, climate change, and the crazy world we currently live in, where when something is going good we just can't accept it but have to create unnecessary problems with unnecessary circumstances and then have a hissy fit!

Whiles I did my rounds today (work in logistics & transportation) I noticed the frequency of orders is somewhat the same... but the volume / quantity of items has lessened by a fair margin! So I spoke with a few customers, their reply was that things in general are so damn expensive, even simple groceries, they can't afford the extras any more (top brand ice creams, chocolates, desserts, juices, health products etc.) So now they order only the essentials.

That was when I thought to myself, the Odin's mmm... although very essential, isn't really that essential! So at this stage I'm more than happy with Nordost's Norse series line, it's mighty fine tunes!

I will definitely say this though, each and every system gear is different. Nothing's identical, the room is different, even the AC mains distribution may be different, hoping it doesn't but I've come across fluctuations. So there are far too many variables to determine which is best. Only the owner of that gear and that system can determine what works for them.

Anyhoo, I've said this before in another galaxy far far away... I had the opportunity to try out the Odin Supreme reference series, and managed to connect up to my digital source but not the TT rig. My golly! What a experience that was. Initially thought there would be a marginal improvement and so I had anticipated only a few areas of better performance but hell no! It was a completely different dimension! It's really awe-inspiring to experience this level of performance and most probably many have not! The damn price tag of the Odin's will always remain a hurdle, that's the way they've structured it. I suppose their pricing strategy shares a significant degree of their production process because the way Nordost cables are made, is one of the most labour intensive processes I've ever seen to date! It takes them approx. 8hrs just to make 1m length!

At the top end of the spectrum, we have CH Precision, Solution, Aries Cerat, Dartzeel, Destination Audio, Gryphon, Kondo Audio Note, VAC, DCS, Esoteric, Wilson's, Von-S, Zellaton, Genesis, Alsyvox, Clarisys, etc., and then we have Nordost, it's right up there.
I firmly believe whatever your system is, it simply deserves the best! If you can give it that attention, provided you don't go broke...

If you're more than happy with what you've got, then just sit back and enjoy those fine tunes!

Woof! RJ
Nordost, it's all about making the connection.
I remember using Anticables when they first arrived. They were a solid core with a painted transparent red jacket. They look so different now. Which Anticables are you referring to and have you compared them to any Nordost? Which Nordost?
After talking with Paul Spelz, a friend bought the LEVEL 3 red ones. After his comments about the synergy with the M-L's, I started by doing a bit of reverse engineering with transformer wire...

Did a simple loos (every few inches) and then terminated them each of the 4 runs with copper lugs...

In subsequent discussions with Paul, my friend and I both both purchased runs of LEVEL 5 ACElectrum cables. Amazed by the overall improvement, Paul indicated that his experiments with double runs of LEVEL 5 on both sides indicated further significant improvement....which we have both subsequently verified!
Not inexpensive by any stretch but remarkable performance. Fortunately neither one of us needs long amp/speaker runs given the proximity of out monoblocks to the panels.

Anticables does have a 30-day trial with return privilege.

As with all things audio, YMMV!