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Jan 2, 2005
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Long Beach, Ca
Paul Altomare
Long Beach, Ca

Year Purchased 2004

Ascent i, Cinema i, Script i, Rel Strata III


Butler TDB5150
Rotel RSP1066
Denon 2900
Slimserver I
NetPlay Radio FMP3
Samsung 46" DLP
Tandberg Model 6


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Bonjour, Paul and welcome to the ML club.
Very nice, clean setup.
Could you tell more about Tandberg model 6?
Beautiful system....


Welcome to the ML Club!

What a beautiful system!

I like... I have been dieing to ask an owner of the, "Butler 5150", how does it sound? I mean, being that it is a Hybird amplifier, does it give you enough of the "tube" sound? Does it add enough "Tube" sound to the path? Was it worth it and wound you ever consider purchasing a, "Butler 2150", for two channel sound? Aslo, what kind of cabling i. e., IC's and speaker, do you use? Also, what are your room dimentions? Your System looks awesome... :D

Again, Welcome, it is good to have you here. :D :D


Hey, thanks.
I acquired the Tandberg from my father. It was part of a really unique system he put together in New Jersey back in the '60's. It got a lot of use through the 60's but not much in the 70's. In the 80's we started using again. When I moved to California in the mid 90's I had it refurbished by one of only two places I found in the USA. I don't use it much now, just for fun sometimes. Someday I hope to refurbish the rest of the original system from the 60's....Paul.
Thanks Robin, I think you and I have chatted before. I've been here for a while. I had my first system with Clarity mains and a Fresco posted on the old site, just haven't posted the current system because it's still a work in progress. I use my system 70% music, 30% movies. I love the 5150. I hope to pick up a pair of Monads and trade the 5150 for 3150. I do not have much listening experience with current tube equipment. I need to have lots more. The Butler replaces a Sunfire Cinema Grand and I am much happier with it. My room is about 12'x20'. My wires are Monster but I want to get rid of them all after learning of their greedy business practices. I also want to try another pre/pro and CD player. Like I said a work in progress, but I do get a lot of pleasure from this system and will have it for some time to come. Paul
socialxray said:
Hey did you know that your woofer grills are on upside down?
Actually they are not.

Martin Logan designed the ascents grille’s to be run whichever way you prefer. I like them the other way, but that’s just me.

Nice system bye the way.
Stone, I see your Butler amp replaced a Sunfire Cinema Grand. Just curious to hear more about what improvement(s) you found moving up to the Butler. I'm contemplating a Butler 2250, to replace my Sunfire. Thanks!