System #500 (Monolith-IIIx, Theater I, ReQuest, Script, Dynamo)

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Aug 27, 2010
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Indian Shores - FL
System #500 (Monolith-III, Monolith-III, Monolith-III, Theater-I, Dynamo

1. Name: Chris
2. Location: Palm Beach, Florida - USA
3. ML Model(s):

  • Monolith-III with Active Crossover Front Main L/R
  • Monolith-III with Active Crossover Surround Side L/R
  • Monolith-III with Active Crossover Surround Back L/R
  • Theater-I Front Center
  • Dynamo-1500 Front Sub R
4. Year Purchased: 2003 – 2002 – 2001 – 2005 – 2013 – 1996
5. Mods/Changes: HV Board Capacitor & Resistor Upgrade
6. Associated Electronics:

  • Marantz AV8801 AV Processor
  • Sunfire TGA-7400 7-Channel Amp
  • Sunfire TGA-7400 7-Channel Amp
  • Art CX310 2-Channel Active Crossover Front
  • Art CX310 2-Channel Active Crossover Rear
  • Art CX310 2-Channel Active Crossover Rear
  • Oppo BDP-105 Blu-Ray Player – Network Hub
  • Denon DVD-5000 DVD Player
  • Denon DMD-1000 Mini Disc Recorder
  • Denon LA-3100 Laser Disc Player
  • Denon DCM-777 CD Changer
  • Denon DRS-810 Cassette Tape Player
  • Panamax M5100-PM Power Conditioner
  • Bellogetti AR-880 Audio/Video Rack
  • URC MX-1200 Universal Remote Control
  • Sharp LC-80LE844U 80-Inch Backlit LED TV
7. I have always been a real enthusiast of Martin Logan products and initially started out with a pair of ReQuests & Script speakers that were purchased back in the mid nineties for my home theater system. I acquired the Monolith-3 speakers later in a local audio demonstration because they sounded absolutely amazing and they are extremely rare to find with the piano black finish option. I'm using the front & rear channels bi-amped with active crossovers and have performed a few minor internal modifications to improve the performance.


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Wow.. a fitting system for #500 here on MLO. Very nice set up, Chris.. Thanks for posting it and for joining us here.
Welcome, Chris! What hardware are you using to provide the active crossovers?