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Nice one GW1800! It's a marvellous thing, without a doubt!

The most amazing thing is, just when you've tried out their top tier stuff, like Valhalla series and supreme reference, it seems like it can't get any better. Until another version comes out from Nordost, and they take the performance yet to another level.

It's remarkable how they do this, and to many it may seem unlikely but only then do they realise once they've heard it or better still, experienced it on their own systems.

This is one such cable accessory company that really delivers the very best. The time and effort they put into their designs, plus the labour intensive process it takes just to make 1 meter, is truly spectacular! I've had the fortunate chance of seeing this process when I visited, and from that day onwards I was totally convinced.

I also learned the different grades of pure silver plating and gold materials they use on their cables. It varies from grade to grade but even on their Norse series, which is the one I use and can afford, is just superb!

Especially when you have carefully put together a very highly resolving system comprising of CLXs, there are no compromises at this level. They deserve the best. I believe the purchases I've made along the way with Nordost accessories, starting in 94/95 with their SPM Reference series, was more of an investment rather than just a purchase. I knew right away from that point onwards, these cables are nothing like the norm. Extremely unusual and extremely transparent, they just bring out the music, making the connection.

That's actually what they stand for, "making the connection." I was so impressed with their SPM series, I've never looked back. Sure I've used an awful lot of cable brands, from Van Den Hull to Kimber Select, Audio Quest to Audience and so on but these are something like no other. Once you've experienced this level of refinement, transparency and finesse, it's very difficult to settle for anything less, and yet they keep pushing the boundaries towards excellence.

At the end game, there's no such thing as perfection or 100%, there will always be another round the corner and the vicious cycle continues. However, for just thst one moment, once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to afford these Odin 2's, and install them in a high performance system, the level of top quality is mighty fine! Perfection to the core, is what I call it.

When I did get the opportunity to try out the Odin series just to feel the difference and engage in that experience was awe-inspiring! Obviously it was very hard for me to return these back to the dealer, and so I did and got my deposit back. Those 14 days having them installed into my system took the overall performance onto another dimension. That's when I realised the true potential of the CLX's and it's not all about the gear, cables and accessories are just as important. Get the right mix and perfect combination for your particular system and you will achieve a superb sense of synergy. Once that's done, that's it!

Well done on the Odin 2's, that should be one very mighty fine thing indeed. Now just sit back and enjoy those very fine tunes!
Woof! RJ
Brad - Your right when you say to not demo any as it does not end well for your wallet! I started at Frey 2 and moved my way up at the hope that things would top out, but I never got to that point (however I got to admit during that time it was a bit of mix of cables but always within a couple of levels of each other). Most of the cast offs went to my Media room system #504 so nice gain there. The system (with the CLX's leading the pack) just kept asking for more so I did and did and did. Odin 2 was my first true full loom and once that happened, I must also agree with Nordost a full loom does bring its own benefits to a system, it's not just a sales pitch!!

RJ - Lots of good things you are saying about Nordost and I agree. Having a full Odin O2 loom I was on their list for a personal Demo of the O2 Gold. Mike Marco and Shawn showed up around a year ago (with two huge cases of cables) and we connected one at a time a bunch of power cords then XLR's and finally the speaker cables. So, once they left it was tough to go back like you said. I ended up at the time just replacing the root to my QB8 and that did a LOT but as the months ticked bye, I kept remembering what could be. So took that plunge and could not be happier. Just a note we all know power cables are king and so it was during the demo however what blew me away was the not the XLR from the DAC to the pre (although it did contribute) it was the XLR's from the pre to the amps. WOW!! Also even more surprising were the speaker cables. In the sequence of events the speaker cables are supposed to be the last in the sequence but for my system it was a must purchase - pricing not so much OUCH!! Not sure you know but the speaker cable so far is the only Gold that I'm aware of that had a physical change beyond going from silver to gold. That is in the end connections. Not really sure exactly what was all done but it was amazing. One more comment on the gold just brings more of everything to the party across the whole spectrum.

At the time they did not have the XLR Digital cable to test so did not hear what that could do which frankly at the time it was enough without it. However, they have it now and Shawn has had it on the Vidar 2 since early last week. Because of snow etc. could not hook up this past weekend but will hopefully mid-week this week. I'm not expecting much from that but if history tells me anything I won't be surprised.
Mike, I calculated that the pair of XLR Odin Gold from my Pre to my Amps would cost $95,000. I don't think that is going to happen unless I find some buried gold on our acreage somewhere. :)
Brad yes when you have a long line from amps to Pre. However they say that is the best way to have it. I have my system between my speakers which I know is not ideal but it's the best I can do with my room size.
Picking up the digital tomorrow. A bit anxious to test against the silver O2. Up to this point replaced only analog cables so time will tell. However I did have a custom set of V2 cables made to replace the stock power and signal cables on the Aurender N30SA which were a big improvement over the stock Aurender cables.
Mike, I calculated that the pair of XLR Odin Gold from my Pre to my Amps would cost $95,000. I don't think that is going to happen unless I find some buried gold on our acreage somewhere. :)
It appears that some businesses are more adept at finding the right balance between pricing and volume than are others. As many here willl know, there is a formula for figuring all this out. Determining elasticity of demand can be an interesting exercise.

All that to say, I admire that Nordost can produce some magnificent products, but it will be a very cold day before I would care to lay out $95,000 for wire to connect my Pre to my Amps. Seems out of whack to me, but I realize and respect others may have a differing point of view.
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Duke I do not appreciate your reply if you meant what I think you meant.
Pace - Rythm & timing... yes, very very very apparent on the Nordost top line, that's what it's all about!
However, I can't stress enough, whiles all of this greatness is sheer greatness, the rest of the system and gear HAS to be on par, otherwise forget it!

I've come across quite a number of setups that were either over-amped and under-speakered... and vice versa. It's all about the gear, room and everything to do with synergy. Any of these three elements out of whack, will simply put the entire system out of sync, regardless of total spend on accessories. Getting the basics done right is a must, there are no compromises at this stage. Even AC mains and wiring is often overlooked, so what's the point? I've seen some real disasters behind the gear, and yet the owners don't seem to bother.

Putting together a highend system is an Art form. It takes years to get there and can be improved in so many ways but there will always be a threshold at a given point. Once you reach that point, just sit back and enjoy those fine tunes! Otherwise you'll be tweaking and upgrading forever, and our precious hearing doesn't get any better.

I sincerely believe GW1800 has made that threshold with his particular system and set up. SOTA gear deserves the best money can buy, and when installed properly it will deliver a truly stunning performance! I've experienced it, and can confirm it's all there without a doubt. Is it voodoo or science? Heck, I don't know but it's bloody marvellous!

Woof! RJ