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Jan 6, 2005
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Bill Pollak

Northern New Jersey, USA

Ascent i, Theater, Descent

All purchased in 2004

Sunfire Amp & Processor, Stanton turntable (Dual turntable not being used right now), Denon DVD, Sony CD, Samsung DLP TV, JBL surround speakers

So far I love the whole system. I started with a Denon receiver, but even though it was their top of the line unit, it just didn't cut it with the ML speakers. When I switched to the Sunfire equipment, everything came to life. I can't compare to other high end amps and processors, but it's hard to believe it could get much better than it is right now. The theater room was built this year with soundproofing in mind, such as resilient channel, extra thick sheet rock, everything is mounted to the sheetrock, not through to the studs, etc. The floor is carpet over thick padding and concrete. The walls are insulated with soundproofing insulation. Biggest problem I've had so far is that the central air conditioning doesn't work adaquately, because there is no way for the air to return (circulate) :mad: . The only solution so far is to have a window unit to suppliment the cooling. The seats are LazyBoy electric recliners that might be too comfortable... can't get rid of the guests!!! The room is obviously not finished, holes in the walls need to be touched up, wires routed, etc..., but the system works now so that is not a high priority. :D

I'll also throw in a picture of my house, which i just finished building. It was a ranch that I don't think can be classified too easily now. Some friends toys in the driveway. Always enjoy spending time with people who have similar taste in nice things! :cool:


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Nice System. Well done.
I like the way you have your rack to the side.

When your friends race who wins?

HI Bill,

I don't know if it's too late or not, but I think both of the people in the driveway have seen "The Ring". They have 7 days!!! :p
That last comment cracked me up!

Is that why the phone keeps ringing? :confused:

Since they didn't know they would be on the internet, I thought I'd make them anonymous... people can be weird about that type of thing.

The stand for the TV started life as a table from Ikea, which I painted black and glued on strips of maple from Home Depot. A quick brush of water based polyurathane and it matches the speakers perfectly. Visitors always think that it came as a set with the rack that the componants are on. Total cost was about $18 for Home Depot supplies.

As for the car racing, I think the Lambo wins over that Ferarri. They were actually watching Super Speedway in my home theater for fun that day. Awsome DVD for showing off your system!