new processor/amp for my existing ML's!!

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Jan 4, 2005
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I have Ascents, Theater, and Descent in my HT (rear speakers are in wall, Boston Acoustics since ML didn't have anything at the time). I was using a Yamaha RX-V3000 for processing with a Yamaha MX-830 to power the left and right, and two old Amber Series 70 amps (c. 1978!) to push the center and rears. Source for HT and 2 channel music was a Toshiba SD-6200.

I fully enjoyed this setup, but always knew there was a lot more in my ML's than my system would let me appreciate! I didn't know just how much more there was till a major upgrade this week.

Now using Parasound Halo C2/A51 processor/amp combo with a Denon 3910 DVD/CD player.

It's like a whole new world for 2 channel, and HT is unbelievable. I appreciate my ML's even more now!
I have the same feelings now that I switched from older Quest Z's to new Ascent I's and also moving the sub from the rear to the front. Everything sounds so much better now. WOW :eek: