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Dec 27, 2004
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Rancho Mirage, California
Jesse Cook
1998 Narada Records
Genre: New Age/Flamenco
Artist info: Jesse Cook is a Rumba flamenco artist that blends the exotic
Spanish music form with elements of new age, jazz, and easy listening.


General Comments
[size=-2]07/15/2004 Seth Valencia [/size]
I can't say enough good things about this wonderful album. From start to finish this album is a sheer pleasure to listen to. While there are quite a few Nouveau Flamenco guitarists out there, Jesse Cook has to be one of the very best. This album is one of my absolute favorite Flamenco guitar albums. No song on this album sounds the same, every track is unique. With a dazling mix of pop, rock, and exotic world flavors, this acoustic flamenco guitar virtuoso creates a colorful splash of sound on an album that's an adventure for the senses. Each and every track is amazing. Some of my favorites on this wonderful album are the Cajun infused "That's Right" (track 1), the very upbeat Tex-Mex "Avocado", a smooth, but catchy number called "Allegretto" (track 8) that has a style that's difficult to describe (folk/rock?) but one that's very pleasing to the ears. The myserious and exotic "Vertigo" (track 9) that whisks us away to an exotic Moroccan landscape of sound. This track starts off slowly and really builds up the intensity with a blend of instruments that really show off what Martin Logans are capable of. Great demo material here. So get your passport and your ears ready, because with this album you're in for quite an adventure.

You said it Tom!

I find all of Jesse Cook's titles to be well recorded. To me, his music is often more world-diverse than, say some of Ottmar Liebert's - who, too makes some great sounding recordings.

Even the most recent live album "Montreal" is a huge treat in terms of sound quality, and the tune selection is excellent!
You write good reveiws, not a bunch of twenty-five cent words, which mean nothing. One point you bring out which is a big pain, some albums, the tracks tend to repeat themselves, can get boring by the time the end comes! I am a fan of Jesse Cook, and you may enjoy if you do not have it, "frontiers". Jesse sounds a little different in this album and takes a while before you catch a few bars and recognize Jesse. But my wife bought me this album just as I bought and set up my new Spires, and wow, what a CD to test out your new MLs. I am glad you enjoy Jesse, his recording studio must be fantastic to give every intrument a front row seat, it even jumps out of the car Going to check your album out have not heard it yet. Oh, if you like Jesse, you may like Chris Sheeris, his "Desires of the Heart" got five stars from me. Thanks for the reveiw!!:music: