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Jul 15, 2009
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Lake Elsinore, Ca.
The Body Acoustic (2005)
Sony BMG Music Entertainment

I absolutely love this cd on my Vantage's her voice is just amazing... I have pasted a couple quotes from reviews of this album as im not as great at describing as these guys lol..But i definently reccommend this cd to any pop lovers out there that like acoustic versions of there favorite artists. Just what the logan's ordered hehe :rocker:

"Cyndi Lauper looks back at her hits on The Body Acoustic, with a number of guests including Adam Lazzara, Shaggy, Sarah McLachlan, Vivian Green, Ani DiFranco, and Jeff Beck. Conceptually, this looks like a disaster. Alanis Morissette did it as well and the results were mixed at best. But Lauper has always possessed a talent that goes beyond the material she has sung -- and she can sing anything. The album is produced by Lauper with Rick Chertoff and William Wittman -- who recorded and mixed the disc. Lauper's band is a wide and varied assortment that includes contemporary jazz bassist Mark Egan. "Money Changes Everything," with Lazzara, is a down-home calypso and country ramble. "All Through the Night," with Shaggy, begins as an Appalachian folk tune until Shaggy begins toasting and Lauper shifts it into ballad gear. It's a conflicting set of styles that's held together in the genuine ache of her voice. "Time After Time" would be a beautiful song in anybody's hands. Here, with McLachlan, she goes down into the tune's lyrics and abandons the drama of the original for the intimacy of its words. The human heart becomes the interlocutor of memory and loss. Lauper and McLachlan trade verses as 12-strings, muted drums, and space define the place where lost love becomes the center of the question of devotion across time and space. "She Bop" is almost a blues song, and as a result it reveals deep eroticism as the pleasures and sweet release of masturbation fall from the singer's voice like raw honey. And so it goes with "Above the Clouds," as Beck's trademark biting tone is juxtaposed against piano and space. This is a ballad that actually hurts. Its drama is realized in Lauper's phrasing and Beck's playing bites harder accentuating it -- relaxed, slow, and deeply emotive. "Sisters of Avalon" features soul chanteuse Green and DiFranco. It's funky as hell. Deep roiling bass pops and drones with acoustic guitars, fiddles, and a dulcimer moving through and around it. The drums fall just behind the beat as the singer goes for the crack in the lyrical spine of the track. The chorus-like refrain punches up its drama. Green takes her verse before an instrumental slide guitar interlude, and her wailing voice makes it among the album's best. Lauper sings without friends on a number of cuts as well, such as the beautiful "Colors" and the stunning "Fearless." This may be a slanted look at a greatest-hits package, but it comes off as an entirely new album full of adventure, grit, polish, and soul"-Thom Jurek-- All Music Guide

"The Body Acoustic finds her voice in raspy, beautiful form, being more emotive than it has ever been. The album features two new songs and 10 of her hits (five of which are from her debut), sung and performed in collaboration with such big name artists as Sarah McLachlan, Jeff Beck and Ani DiFranco. The arrangements, as the title suggests, are largely acoustic, sometimes featuring a full backing band and other times merely Cyndi and guitar, making this stripped down, best-of a great listen and a commendable, inventive approach."

"the "Time After Time" with McLachlan is not only worth the price of admission of this disc but the definitive version of the song."---Barry Walters- The Rolling Stone-


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Love this disc

I would never consider myself a Cyndi Lauper fan, but I got this cd this week and it sounds GREAT. Love it on my ML's. Great separation. Very soulful vocals. Awesome disc. Listened to it 3 times last night. had a 30% off used CD sale so I picked this up for under $2.50 (including shipping). I was pleasantly surprised. I would also not consider myself a big "Cyndi fan" but I have fond memories of listening to her songs on the radio in the 80's. My favorite track by far was "True Colors." Wonderful soundstage, dynamics, and good overall song as well. If you have the chance I would definitely pick this up. Also, do not expect a "greatest hits/compilation album." Although the CD contains many of her hits, they are very much reworked songs so they won't sound like the original versions.