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Jan 2, 2005
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The Land of Enchantment
Artist: Jimmie Vaughan
Title: Strange Pleasure
Year: 1994
Record Label: Sony/Epic
Genre: Blues

Artist info: Jimmie Vaughan is considered by many (myself included) to be a living legend of the Texas Blues sound. He was guitarist for The Fabulous Thunderbirds for many years. He left the Fabulous Thunderbirds in 1990 to pursue a solo career. He is the older brother of the late great Stevie Ray Vaughan. "Strange Pleasure" is the first of his three solo releases.

09/01/04- Seth Valencia
Comments: Jimmie Vaughan's music is smooth, moving, and very soulful. It's blues just the way I like it, nice and easy. He makes the Blues his own and plays the blues his own way. When you mention the name "Vaughan" most people will think of his younger brother, the late great Stevie Ray, but Jimmie is no less of an accomplished Blues musician. In fact Jimmie's music played a major role in Stevie's musical career. Stevie would cite Jimmie as his biggest inspiration and influence throughout his own career. Very high acclaim indeed.

This album "Strange Pleasure" is Electric Blues fun at it's finest. These very catchy blues numbers will no doubt have you move to the groove. Highlights of this album are:

Track 1: "Boom Bapa Boom" is just plain fun to listen to. This is a very upbeat and lively song that will have you humming the tune well after the song is over. Great guitar work here.

Track 2: "Don't Cha Know" is a fine Blues number that moves at a different pace but is no less energetic.

Track 4: "Flamenco Dancer" starts out with a very lively acoustic Flamenco guitar intro and then goes into some very nice smooth Blues.

Track 6: "Tilt A Whirl" is an all instrumental tune that has a cool jazzy night club kind of feel to it. I find this smooth snappy song to really show what Martin Logan's can do with all the subtleties in the music. Great demo track.

Track 8: "Just Like Putty" is a Roots Rock and Blues song that is both smooth and upbeat, with some great variations in rhythm.

Track 9: "Two Wings" is a fun and catchy, upbeat Memphis Blues kind of song. It has a retro 60's kind of blues feel to it.

Strange Pleasure is by no means Strange, but is without a doubt one fun Blues album. It's good stuff!


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