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Dec 27, 2004
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<TABLE border=0><TBODY><TR><TD>Steve Stevens
2000 ARK 21 Records
Genre: Rock/Flamenco Artist Info: While Steve Stevens may not be a household name, he has been in the rock scene for some time. Before launching his solo career, Steve Stevens was a guitarist for Billy Idol for many years. He also collaborated with many artists including film composer Harold Faltermeyer on the song "Top Gun Anthem"
for the film "Top Gun", which earned Stevens a Grammy Award for Pop Instrumental Performance that year.

Flamenco.A.Go.Go is Steve Stevens' second solo release.


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[size=-2]08/19/2004 Seth Valencia [/size]
Comments: This album is a major departure from Stevens other works, and his first foray into the exotic world of Spanish Flamenco Guitar. What makes this album so unique, is that he takes the Flamenco sound to a whole other realm, blending rock with acoustical guitar. And what a fine job he has done with this album. His style here doesn't copy anyone else, he gives a sound that's all his own. Totally fresh and very enjoyable.

While the album as a whole is awesome, the real standouts for me are tracks 1) "Flamenco.A.Go.Go",3) Our Man In Istanbul", 4) "Letter To A Memory", and 7) "Hanina". Sound quality is first rate, and is very well recorded, making for an album that will shine on Martin Logans. The title track "Flamenco.A.Go.Go starts out fast and ends fast (tempo wise that is, this song runs over 5 minutes), It grabs you and doesn't let go. It mixes the acoustical Flamenco sound with electric guitar,drums, and various world rhythms. It's a very catchy tune.

Track 3 "Our Man In Istanbul" offers a very lively mix of Turkish beats and rhythms with electric and acoustic guitars joining in for a sound that could be described as an action movie in a song.

Track 4 "Letter To A Memory" slows things down just a little, kind of a calm before the musical storm. Things start off very smooth and mellow with a very tangoesque kind of melody, then halfway through the song, it builds up intensity and changes style with what sounds like a theme from a James Bond film and then fades out with the previous smooth number.

Concluding my favorite picks is track 7 "Hanina", another exotic, energetic, and catchy tune that starts out quite lively and stays that way all the way through. Great mix of instruments here. Steve Stevens definitely has a winner of an album with Flamenco.A.Go.Go. It's an album that sounds great from the start, and once you start listening, you just want to keep on listening over and over again. Highly recommended.