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Dec 27, 2004
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Rancho Mirage, California
<TABLE border=0><TBODY><TR><TD>Yello

1988 Mercury Records
Genre: Pop/Rock
Artist Info: Swiss synth/dance pop duo Yello
is Boris Blank & Dieter Meier.
'Flag' is their 6th overall release.



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[size=-2]08/01/2004 Seth Valencia [/size]
Flag is one wild ride of an album. With each song being a musical adventure and a total sensory experience for the ears. What always intrigues me about this very talented group, is how well they are able to blend all the different styles of music and make it work perfecty. Creating a musical universe that's a work of art. This album is some of Yello's best work and is a wonderful listening experience. Every track is like a musical voyage into the unknown. Take track 5 'The Race' for example, from the first sounds of the race car zooming by from right to left you know that you'd better buckle up because you're in for one heck of a musical ride. Track 6 'Alhambra' transports you to an exotic country far away with it's pounding drums and lively percussion. The last track, the very upbeat 'Tied Up In Red' grabs you with it's driving electric guitars, drums, and various sound samples. This concludes a musical adventure that will keep you tapping your feet and moving your body for some time. Very fun stuff.

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Seth nailed it! This CD is wonderful!

Just got this CD (Thanks Seth) and all I can say is "WOW". I can't stop listening to it.
Too Cool!!

Glad to hear that you're really enjoying their music :) I've been a fan of Yello for about 12 years now and I enjoy listening to them over and over again. Their style of music never gets old. Plus their stuff sounds amazing on ML's. Enjoy!

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You are absolutely correct. Yello is a Swiss group, and I need to see about changing this soon.

TomDac: I've made the correction
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