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Am trading in my Ascents for the new summits.Currently using YBA integre DT with the ascent . For space constraints reasons and family peace am restricted to Int Amps.Need to upgrade my Int amp as well
Have audit the krell 400, Ayre AX-7 and new YBA passion 300.Like the last one best.As this is going to be my last upgrade(hopefully) I am hoping to audit short listed amp other ML owners think I should look at before I sign.Thanks 4 the help

You could try the Musical Fidelity KW500 integrated - not cheap but it's a first rate piece of kit. It'll comfortably outperform many high end pre/power combinations.

If budget is a problem, try the Meridian G51. It's not as powerful as the MF or Krell, but will still give you a great sound for a very reasonable cost.




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Thanks all will try to locate the BAT and MF for a listern.Will keep you all posted
I don't how much you intend to spend for your new amp, but I think that the Summit's deserve at least something like Chord CPA 2600 or something equivalent. ( not important the brand or model, but the quality level )
don't you ?
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Yes, I unfortunatly don't have the CPM2600, but have the SPM 600 with the LINN wakonda, and it makes already very good sound.
Probably next step I will change the Wakonda to the CPA 2200, when I'll get the money for.
Jean-Marie said:
Probably next step I will change the Wakonda to the CPA 2200, when I'll get the money for.

It would definitely be a change for the better... They are commonly seen on the used market...