digital cables..... which one do you use?

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Anthony A.

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Jan 2, 2005
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my setup is as follows:

Ascent i
Pass Labs x250 amp
Nordost Red Dawn speaker cables
Nordost SPM Reference interconnects
Transparent Reference Power cords (amps/speakers)
Tara Labs Decade digital cable

i like the nordost signature so i got the vishnu power cord and silver shadow digital cable to try and squeeze out more detail form my speakers. well, the addition with the vishnu power cord to the amp did not really give me more detail, just a bit more space around the instruments. i swapped the amp cord with the transparent reference pc and it was definately an improvemet as voices came alive and soundstage increased. so then i swapped out the tara labs decade digital with a newly pruchased nordost silver shadow and again, not more detail but space. so, im going to return the silver shadow and possibly the vishnu pc. i am looking for a digital cable that is not forward or sharp and edgy, but smooth and extremely detailed. what do you all use for digital cables?

PLEASE DO NOT POST IF YOU PLAN ON MAKING THIS A WAR. Cables are always yes/no. i am a yes, so please respect my wishes and only post what you use. thanks.
I use the DH Labs cable. Before I was using a generic RCA, and the DH improved the low end clarity noticably. They are also pretty cheap too (about $100).

I am using PS Audio "Xstream Digital" coax, now and I have an Audioquest "Eagle Eye" Solid silver, 72volt DBS (Dielectric-Bias System) coax cable on the way to replace the PS Audio cable. :D
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You may also want to consider the Stereovox HDXV. The designer, Chris Sommovigo was the original creator of the famous Kimber D-60, and it's available from Paul at the Cable Compant for about $100. You can call Paul at The Cable Company at 1-800-fat-wyre ( and set up a HDVX home trial, or a home comparison with other alternatives from their broad selection. The HDXV digital cable employs HDTV-Grade true 75 Ohm BNC connectors with precision BNC-to-RCA interseries adapters to deliver 4 Ghz of bandwidth. Here is a link to the Six Moons review: The Stereovox web site is

I use it between my Bel Canto DAC2 and Rotel CDP-1072.

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I use an aes/ebu Orchid between my Theta transport and my Sonic Frontiers DAC and a Cardas Lightning (rca) between my Lexicon RT-10 and my Myryad MDP500G6 processor.
Oh man...the subject of digital cables...I've had very good experience with Discovery AES/EBU digital cables but don't really worry about that stuff anymore as the KPS 25sc is all in one :D I also use their analog interconnects from pre to phono stage and I find them very very good.
Signal Cable Silver Resolution Reference Digital with upgraded Eichmann's Silver Bullet RCA Plugs. I love this cable. Great detail. It is a Silver copper alloy so it is not to bright. Great open sound. Also tried their interconnect which is 21 awg pure silver. So far I love it and for the price it is worth the chance. Service has also be great.
Please also state your digital equipment, matching is everything!

I use MIT Digital Reference AES/EBU, which is much better than it's S/PDIF RCA variant and for S/PDIF RCA the Audio Note AN-Vx, preferably the Japanese version!

The MIT has a very big soundstage with no harshness at all and the Audio Note has a smooth flowing sound with deep bass (not bloated!).

Best and most natural I have heard was a GOLDEN unshielded S/PDIF. Next step down was the 47 Labs Ginshi digital cable, but it is unshielded, which I don't like (works like an antenna). Great sound though, best I have heard for the price (which isn't very high).

Most bang for the buck is definitely the Apogee Wyde Eye/Canare Digiflex Gold. A bit spikey maybe (enhanced transients), but great all-round performance and technically perfect.
has anyone tried kimber solid silver digital cables? what are they compared to?