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The Sanders Mogami 3082 cables arrived today. They're ~1/4" diameter black cables, quite flexible, and nicely terminated with gold plated spades on both ends (as I wanted). They're not "fancy schmancy" but their performance speaks for itself.

Before a listening comparison, I did a quick XTZ Room measurement using ONE Expression 13A speaker (other speaker and sub disconnected), with mic positioned 4 ft from middle of stat panel. As seen below, the only measurable difference was slightly less high frequency roll-off with the Mogami (dotted green) vs. Audience (lime green).

FullRangeMogami(Dotted Green)Audience(Lime Green).jpg

Listening comparison, at least for my aging ears, revealed no major difference in bass, mids, or imaging. However the Mogami 3082 definitely has "cleaner" treble, and better transients overall, also noticeable with piano and plucked bass.

One of my favorite "torture test" tracks is Livingston Taylor's Isn't She Lovely with whistling and close mic'd voice. Very few setups can reproduce that whistling with natural breathiness, and pinpoint imaging. As good as my Audience AU24e's were with that track, the Mogami 3082's were even clearer and more realistic sounding. After 2 hrs of listening, I'm convinced Sanders Mogami 3082's are keepers, and I'll be selling the AU24e's.

To be honest, it's possible the improved fidelity with the Mogami's could just be due to their shorter length (8' vs. 13'). However, I'm not about to shorten the AU24e's to test that.

BTW, other sources sell custom-terminated Mogami 3082 cable for less than Roger Sanders does. However, he provided great advice, excellent service, and fast delivery, so I'm more than happy to support him as one of the other "good guys" manufacturing electrostatic speakers.