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ejspain I had your exact amplifier. Was driving Theos speakers mains and LRS surrounds which MAXXED that amp out. Faithful. Never a hint of trouble and I loved it. In my opinion, do not upgrade until you are ready to REALLY upgrade. With that said, I currently use M1200s for my Montis fronts and it really is no comparison. You can hear the panel being driven effortlessly with no cap.
Are the M1200s PS Audio?
Are the M1200s PS Audio?
Yes they are a hybrid Class D and Tube amp. I had m700s (still running my center on one) and they were very good but were much more neutral sounding. I can only imagine the 1200s are even better and have a bit more 'life' to them with the tube. I've heard its a night and day difference but I have not yet had a chance to listen to M1200s.
I’m running a McIntosh tube preamp into a McIntosh solid-state power amp. I actually wish it was just a tad bit brighter than it is. But vocals are sublime. I may do some tube rolling in the preamp to see if I can add a touch more sparkle. I auditioned the MA352 hybrid tube integrated, the MC152, and the MC462, and as I went up the wattage scale, the 11A’s revealed more and more detail. I bought the MC462.
I went with the MC462 as well but no pre amp. I use the McIntosh D100 as my pre.
Congrats on the speakers! I have been running my ESL 11s with the Cambridge Edge A integrated amp. 100X2 into 8hm and it doubles into 4ohm, which is the sign of a really beefy amp IMO. My Edge A has a wonderful sound to it with a warmer mid and treble. Not quite "Tube" warm, but very sweet and natural sounding while still showinng off plenty of detail. Plus, It really has great 3D imaging. Not as wide as some, but very deep and holographic. My next purchase is going to be a Hi-Fi Rose streamer/DAC and then I'll add a pair of quality subwoofers to the system to help out below 40hz in my room.