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Nov 16, 2008
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Cleveland, Ohio
Romex is romex. Not great copper, not shielded and most likely side by side wires. Going to 10 ga. Is better then nothing. When I get home I will send info on Oyaide wire.
Nonsense! 'Romex' is Southwire brand Romex® everything else is generic NM-B (Non Metallic-B). NEC/UL have very tight specs for conductors. Does Oyaide wire even have a 'UL' listing? Does Oyaide wire even make an in-wall AC cable? I only see flexible cords.

That UL info:

UL reference number (E108998-BN):
This is the reference number for the UL filing number. This number is unique to each manufacturer and may vary for different designs. When combined with other information on the print string, it will lead to the UL Listings of the cable.

UL marking (C[UL]US):
“UL” is formerly known as “Underwriters Laboratories”—the global safety certification company. When those two letters appear on a cable, this indicates UL’s mark of approval for that product.

The “UL” mark applies to products designed and sold within the United States that are suitable for electrical environments.

The “cUL” mark applies to products designed and sold within Canada that are suitable for electrical environments. Cable printed only with “UL” isn’t appropriate for use in the Canadian market.

UL reference numbers should always be followed by the word “verified” to indicate that the standards body listed before it did, in fact, verify the cable.
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Oct 4, 2012
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All I can say is I use Nordost Odin 1, and it lowers the noise floor, clearer and more defined dynamics.