anyone using martin logan for rears and using a "riser" for a row of seats?

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Hi folks,

The room I'm developing is only 12 ft wide, so I'm considering putting a row of seats on the floor, and a second row of seats on a 6" riser.

My potential problem is this - I want to use either scenarios or clarity's in the rear channels of my home theater. BUT, with a riser 6" higher than the front row of seats, I'm concerned having these speakers in the back won't be effective.

I was considering building a "platform" of sorts for the speakers, so they'd sit higher also (so the ear's of the back row listeners would be in the vertical plane of the speaker panel) BUT, my concern then is the back row couch will block the sound of the floor standing martin logans.

Any help would be appreciated.


My back row is on 8" risers. As I use Monolith IIIps now it is no problem. Before when I had the Aerius as rear and sides it was a problem. I got custom built steel stands to bolt onto the wall to lift the speakers 2 feet off the ground. From there I tilted the speakers forward with the rear spike and a piece of granite until you had the panels tipping over at about 3 degrees. This made a monumental difference in the sense of space and believablity of the surround effects. Even if you're not on risers giving those scenarios a lift and a good tilt forward will make a world of difference. Try it!

(If I were you however, I would get Frescos.)
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Hi Stieger,

Look at the pics of my system. The rear riser is actually 12" high and I've just relocated the rear Aerius speakers to the rear corners raised up about 12" high too in line with the bookshelf at the back. Works great as the sounds form the rear are placed higher up and thus has a better front to rear pan on movie soundtracks.