Anyone else using a Martin Logan SW-2 wireless subwoofer kit? My BF 210 sub wont go into standby mode now

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Robert D

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Jul 21, 2020
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This is on my other subwoofer thread but I feel like I might get a stronger response here with it having its own thread. Im having an issue with my new SW-2 Wireless subwoofer kit.

"One question for those that know more than me. Now that the BF 210 is running through the ML wireless transmitter, it turns the power on but it never goes off. It's set to auto. Prior to this I was using the 12v input to turn it off and on but can't now since it's behind the sofa. Anyone else here have a sub running on the ML wireless? Does yours turn off? Mine turns on fine but never goes off.
I think it's not a problem to have in on 24/7? It's not hard on it is it? It just consumes more energy? I really don't want to mess with turning it on and off. The wireless boxes will be on all of the time too.
Does the amp go into some sort of standby mode even though it's still turned on? I wish it would turn off, but if it's not harmful then I'll just live with.
Well, I unplugged the RCA plug from the BF 210 overnight, and it correctly went into standby mode. I just plugged it back in and the sub did not turn back on when I did so. So that's a good sign. It only came on after it got a signal when I turned on the TV. I turned the AVR and everything off and will check it again in a little over 1 hour. The last couple of days the sub has stayed on all night when the wireless receiver is plugged in with the RCA. Its almost as if the speaker is receiving some kind of weak signal from the wireless receiver box even when the AVR is turned off. The weird thing is that when I plugged the RCA cable back in this morning, it didn't trigger the subwoofer back on again. If the wireless receiver is putting out a weak signal constantly then I expected plugging in that RCA to the sub would immediately trigger it on but that did not happen.
Maybe it takes a stronger signal to initially turn it on, but not so strong to stay on?Maybe a weak signal is enough to keep it turned on but not strong enough to initially trigger it on?
Well, after 1 hour the sub is still on. So somehow having the wireless receiver plugged in with the RCA keeps the subwoofer turned on.
My big question now, is this just an unfortunate side effect of using the wireless device or is my unit defective? I'm communicating now with Ron at ML. I will see what he says. I wish I could use the 12 volt trigger but the sub is behind my couch now and there's no easy way to run a line."

So I know that the new subwoofer's auto function is working well. Its something with the new transmitter/receiver.
So my question really is, anyone on here have this same problem using the SW-2 on a Martin Logan subwoofer?
Something strange happened. Over night last night the sub finally turned off. So in about 1 week, the sub did turn off one night. It also goes periods over 1 hour during the day its not used and never turns off. It did however turn off last night.
It's apparently not the sub, but the wireless kit must be putting out a weak signal, and the sub was able to go into standby mode (red light) at least once.