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Jan 6, 2005
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Cloverdale, BC
yesterday, while surfing about on ProLogic vs 5.1 i found an article that claimed that the ".1" in 5.1 is named that way because the subwoofer handle first of the 10 audible octaves, that is, it handles 0.1 of the audible range.

anyone else find this a crock of $h!t or is it just me?

heck i can change the sub crossover from 60 to 220 - which is a change of more than a complete octave - certainly more than just the bottom most octave.
I have heard that too but it is just a label in all of the current specifications(or in this case an intention). It is kind of an outdated label since the .1 channel is only limited to the lowest frequencies by the specification and not by any technical limitation. But it does get across the whole idea of what that channel should be used.
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