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  • Hey Tone,
    I just purchased an ARC PH-3 Phono Preamp based on your opinions, I will have it in about a week or so. I also just purchased an Ayon Triton with mod EAT Diamond tubes. I hope these 2 make a great pair! or they will be for sale. hehe. They will be used with my ML Spires. If you have any tips, I would appreciate! thanks man---Pete
    Jeff how do like the Electrcompanient amps with our ML's and if you have heard them together . I am interested in them and heard them locally with some dynamic speakers and they sounded great
    I have been reading your many and various postings and understand that you know most of what there is to know about ML-land.
    I have been using Ascents for some years, but now the upgrade bug is eating me. The chance has come my way to buy dealer demos of the Summit, though for roughly the same price - here is Switzerland - I can but a new Spire (the price differential between the USA and Europe on all items of this class is simply staggering - so it goes).
    Would it be too much to ask you to attempt an answer to the following: how different are the Ascent and, say, Spire (for that matter, the Summit)? Not to put too fine a point on the questions, are we talking about a night and day difference?

    Thanks in advance for your consideration
    You know a review of DSOTM in SACD 5.1 surround using CLX, Summit-X and Descent i might be pretty interesting, I am guessing no one on the planet could do it except you guys at TONE Audio. I am starting to think that because I am listening to DSOTM in discrete 5.1 sound I am hearing no weird bass because maybe it is all channeled to the Descent i and never touches the channel with the CLX like it would in 2 channel.....just a thought, kind of graping at straws. Oh and by the way, when I see your avatar, at first glimpse it looks like Beefcake is flipping the bird, I know it's not but ...... hey wait a minute.
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