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Feb 14, 2005
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I my name is Andre and i live in germany
First sorry about my poor english. i hope everbody understand me.

For music and homecinema i used the ML Ascent for the front and the cinema as center. The Sub is from DALI with a own 450Watt Amp.


The DVD drive, the Pre and the power AMP are all from Theta Digital ( Carmen,Casanova ans Intrepid)


The "big" picture comes from this Seleco CRT projector:​


The rear speaker are still from B&W but i am looking for a pair ML scripts.

All the racks are selfemade.

If you want you can see this on my homepage
There you find ( ok its in german ) the history from my hifi and homecinema with many more pics.​

"viele Grüße" from germany Andre
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Welcome to the ML Club!

You have a wonderful system!
Andre, I understand you just fine. Your english grammar is fantastic. It's probably better than mine, and english is my, "Mother Tongue"... I am not bi-lingual, like you, Andre.
In school, I took foriegn languages, two years of Spainish, then another two years of French. I am not even close to knowing either language. Unfortunately, Spanish and French remain a mistery to me. :confused: I think people, like you Andre, who are bi-lingual are very clever, talented and accomplished. :D

Beautiful system... :D


Can anybody say "CLASSY"

Very nice woodwork. And very nice setup. Plasma and then Front projector. Very cool.
Your system is really nice Andre :)

Very clean (hardly any cable noticeable). And your interior design is really classy. The self madefurniture used as support for the central speaker, your electronics devices and the subwoofer is sober and just fine.

Is there any problem arising from the window which is behind the plasma screen (empty space surrounded by glass)? What screen are you using with your projector?

(sorry for my bad English as well... my mother tongue is French)
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"vielen Dank" for all the nice and friendly words about my little homecinema :)
After so many hours of work does that very well :)


In front of the window are a light-close curtain now.The screen (with motor) have a black-backside and fits exactly before the window. There are no problems with the acoustics or the sunlight in such a way.

"auf wiedersehen" Andre
Andre, I've been through your site... It seems that it has been quite a long way before you arrived to your current setup - unfortunately, my German is way too poor to understand the associated texts to the pictures. :)

Apparently, if you always have sticked to the Martin Logan, it seems that the choice of the electronics has been more complicated. What advantage have you found to go to a digital amplification solution?
Yes it was a long way with many electronics that comes and goes :)

In the past i used two different systems one for stereo and one for the homecinema

for Stereo: a system from Burmester (Amps and CD ) with Martin Logan Aerius

for homecinema: Acurus/Chiro Amps with speakers from Jm-lab Electra´s

Then I changed the Acurus to a EAD Ovation Preamp . Because of the wunderful stereosound from the the EAD i notice its not necessarily to use two system, one for stereo and one for multi-channel so i sold my stereosystem to buy good items for one system.

After many hours of listening i choose the Theta System with the ML speakers for both

"auf wiedersehen" Andre

PS: Thanks for visits my homepage. By the way: there is a veery empty guestbook ;-)))
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Hi Andre,

Beautiful set up and I am sure it must be very enjoyable. I love the view.

Hello from germany :)

a little update in my homecinema ( in a few weeks is x-mas ;) )

The cinema center are gone and now i use the theater center

Here a little pic how it looks right now in my livingroom:


"viele Grüße"
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looks absolutely fabulous. well done my friend :)
Grate looking system.

That theater center has defiantly filled out that TV stand hasten it.

Do you like the sound of the theater better the cinema? When I first changed over from the cinema to the theater I had first thought not much changed? Yes the sound was a little fuller, but after a wile I noticed the Theater just disappears better then the cinema.

Take care
Thanks for the up-dated photo...


Your new Theater i, looks awesome, with your system... Your Home Theater really ROCKs... :D


Hello from germany

*juuuuuhuuu* iam happy

Today i get my script and now i have only great ML speaker around me.

this are a pic how the scripts look in my room:

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i like the picture in the right photo better than the speakers!!!!!! :D :D :D