Ascents input LEDs .a problem ??

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Feb 14, 2005
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Hello from germany

first sorry for my poor english i hope everybody understand me.

I have this problem: I have upgrade from my Ml scenarios to the ML Ascent

I used the Theta Digital Casanova Pre and the Theta Digital Intrepid as powerAMP conected with XLR cables.

The ascent have this input LEDs and when i switch on the Thetas ( only the amps without music signal from the DVD ) the LED from one Ascent lightup and the other does not. When the DVD is on and music is playing both Ascents LEDs are lightup. When i change the cable this happend with the other Ascent. I phone with Theta germany and they told me thats ok...

"viele grüße" Andre
The Ascent are designed to power up when they receive an audio input signal. It's possible that one of your cables is just noisy enough (or the other is just quiet enough) that the threshold to turn-on is exceeded on only one of the speakers. The same may be true if one output channel from the amplifier puts out too much of a signal at idle (either white noise or base signal level), which sounds like the problem here.

The fact that the problem moved to the other speaker when you switched cables makes me think that it is a problem from the source, not the speaker.

Note that you have to let the Ascent sit with no input signal for awhile before it will turn itself off (and the LEDs).