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Jan 1, 2005
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Name :Craig
Location Tampa, Florida USA
ML Model :Ascent, Cinema, Scripts, Klipsch Sub
Year : Oct 2005.

Associated Equipment Home Theatre System:
B&K Ref 50 Preamp
Sunfire Cinema Grand II Amp
Cary DVD-6
Sony SACD 222ES
Scientific Atlanta HD DVR Cable Box
Samsung HD DLP 55" TV
Monster Cable Pro 3500 Power Conditioner
Salamander Walnut Credenza
Assorted Cables, all balanced connections from preamp to amp.

Comments : This is a dual purpose system with Home Theatre being primary and 2 Channel secondary. I have another dedicted 2 channel system that I'll post later. It took me 2 years to finally get my system posted but I assure it won't nearly that long to post the second one.

This HT system has evolved over 2 1/2 years with a regular upgrading of components. It started with a Yamaha receiver and a pair of Ascents. I was first exposed to ML while I was stationed in Japan a few years ago and new then that someday I would have a high-end ML system in my home.

While movies are great to experience with this system I really enjoy playing live music performances through it. I'll rent movies but I'll buy concert DVDs. The Cary DVD-6 is ideal for concert DVDs. The Cary DVD-6 has a more musical 5.1 channel decoder built in with an analog 5.1 output. I prefer the Cary's DAC for music over the B&K Ref 50. For action movies I'll usually use the B&K preamp DAC.

I use all balanced connections when possible. I have the Sunfire Amp shotgun biwired to the Ascents with 2 pairs for each speaker. The "Current" output is wired to the Ascent's panels and the "Voltage" output is wired to the woofers.

I found the silk ficus trees behind the speaker helped to improve the soundstage and imaging. It also toned down a little brightness in the room and added some visual appeal. Not to mention, I haven't killed a silk plant so far (cross my fingers).

I went with DLP TV on a Credenza since it had great visual appeal and also interferes much less than the full size wall unit it replaced. It also allows the components to breathe better, improves access to rear of the components than an enclosed wall unit.

My planned upgrades are to replace the sub with a Depth or Descent.

Look me up if you are in the Tampa Bay area and stop over for a beer or wine we'll talk/listen to audio. I'll also show where the better audio stores are in the area.


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Great looking system...


I like the silk ficus trees, nice touch. :D
I was wondering what your HT room dimentions are? Also what percentage of the time do you watch DVD's vs Music?

Good looking system. :D


Craig said:
Look me up if you are in the Tampa Bay area and stop over for a beer or wine we'll talk/listen to audio. I'll also show where the better audio stores are in the area.
Welcome aboard! Very nice and clean system. If that's your HT system, I can't wait to see the description of your dedicated 2-channel, music system ;-) Looks like my project will take me to St. Pete, FL a few times this coming year. I'll be sure to look you up.

Enjoy the music
Tom) I've had the DLP for about a year now and really pleased with it. The picture is excellent especially with HD resolution. For a rear projection type, it has a very compact cabinet in relatation to the screen size. While a plasma on the wall would be nice, I think DLP TVs gives you the most "bang for buck".

Robin) Room dimensions are 13' on the front wall and 16' on the side with a high vaulted ceiling. Unfortunately there is no left side wall. That side is open into the kitchen bar area. However, the right wall seems to have some sound absorbtion and tends to balances things out. I think if I had dynamic come speakers the lack of one side wall would be more of an issue. Another reason to have Electrostats for Home Theatre system in this house.

I play music more than I play DVDs. I'll play 5.1 DVD DTS music, CDs or HDCDs with the Cary DVD-6. Of course the Sony 222ES is just for SACDs in 2 channel or multichannel. This system does 2 channel music very well but my dedicated 2 channel system is better at redbook CDs and of course is setup for vinyl.

Spike) I'll work on getting the 2 channel system posted at least by this weekend. That system is comprised of Electrocompaniet components and to be honest I swap out Aeons out with cone speakers depending on my mood.
I know where all the good audio stores are in town if you're interested. Let me know when you're in the area.

I added some more photos of my system. Thanks for the comments.


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Sweet System Great Photo's...


Your Cary player, is cool. Thanks for the new photo's... Beautiful system... :D


ml ascent and clapton

hello craig, this is mike from miami. i saw your system on the members list with ec one more car on the tube. i also have a ml system with cary 303/300 rel sub conrad johnson . would like to talk shop with you. i play and teach blues guitar in miami. phone 413 2217077 cell or email. thanks