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Just upgraded: AVR to the Denon 4806, MP3 to the Roku and my Dish box to the 942

Don Addleman
Medina Ohio

Front Speakers - Clarity
Center - Fresco
Surrounds - 3 Frescos
Sub - SVS 20-39 PC+
AVR - Denon 4806
DVD - Denon 3910
CD - Shanling T200A
Sat Box - DISH 942
MP3 - Roku(Wireless)
Power - Wiremold AC Power Strip
Cables - Signal and Nordost
TV - Hitachi 70" LCD Projection

Next upgrade - New Center


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More Pictures


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Another one


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A very clean setup! I am sure it sounds great too.
I have a question are the Clarity's on a small stand with spikes or is that the way they are spiked. I just do not remember. :confused:

Fresco surrounds?

How are the Frescoes set-up for surround? How about a picture of them? I'm interested to see how others have set them up. They're on my short list.

PS: How do you like the Shanling CD player?
They are mounted with the Vogel mounting bracket. The surrounds are mounted vertical and the back is hor. I will post some pictures. The CD player is fantastic. I upgraded the tubes and the match with the ML is amazing. One of the best purchases I have made
I have been wondering about those hitachis. How do you like it?
It is great it excells in HD and upconverted DVD. SDTV is good but at 70" not great. I had it ISF calibrated but if you like to tweak the user menu lets you do what most you need to get into the service menu to do. Almost to much to tweak. If you do not know what your doing you can really mess up the picture. The ISF tech was very impressed with his ablity to get the picture almost pefect really all but the green was a little off.
Nice system Taz.

How do you like the SVS coupled to the Clarities? Are they quick and toe tapping fast comparable in speed to the ML's I'm thinking of dual CS-Ultra's now to replace my Servo 15..... :confused:
Also interested in how high and where you have mounted the surrounds relative to your seating position.
The sur. are mounted on the sides about 1' back from the listening positon and 8' high and the rear is 4' behind and also 8' high. The SVS replaced a ML sub and just blew it away. It is great for music fast and tight and for HT all I can say is wow! Button down the hatches!
Agree with your take on the SVS sub. I have the PC Ultra and it just kicks butt on movies yet sounds great with music too. :)
Has anyone ever been unhappy with their SVS subs ????
All I hear are glowing reviews from all the HT boards.
Even ML owners sing their praises compaired to the ML subs.