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Mar 10, 2021
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Been a member here for sometime and have made moves on my setup so here is the update.

I have a 7.2.4 setup.
L/R: CLS ii's
C: ML Logos
Side channels: ML ESL 8's
Rears: ML Stylos
Heights: ML Vignettes
Subs: ML Dynamo 400's

Amp: McIntosh MC257 power amp running L/C/R channels, AQ Blizzard power cable, AQ Edison 15 Outlet.

Amp: Marantz 8012' this runs the subs as well as the rest of the channels. Utilize AQ King Cobra to the McIntosh as the 8012 is the preamp. AQ NRG power cable, AQ Edison 15 Outlet. I also use NRG power cables on CLS's and the logos and they are connected to their own Edison outlets as well.

Other pieces of note... I utilize Blusound Node for streaming, as well as Xbox X, Fire TV cube for fun. I run Rocket 44's to L,C,R channels. AQ Slp to the rest.

Projector: Epson 4800 4k projector
Screen: Stewart Firehawk screen
Turntable: Audio Technica

Happy listening!
Your 7.2.4 setup sounds absolutely incredible, and it seems like you've chosen some top-notch components. The McIntosh and Marantz amps paired with those ML speakers must make for a truly immersive experience. And I must say, that Epson 4K projector coupled with the Stewart Firehawk screen must make movie nights something special! Enjoy your well-crafted system.