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Mitchell Erblich

1. Member Name: Mitchell Erblich

2. Location: San Jose, CA.

3. ML Model(s): Logos center and Quest rears

4. Year Purchased: 2001 and 2002

5. Mods/Changes: Logos interior crossover was changed to
support bi-amping, 30 amp circuits, and a electronic xover.

6. Associated Electronics: (List the other components in your system.)

Wow: this will take a couple of passes (not including the MLs)
Infinity IRS Betas with custom passive xovers
Infinity External Servo Crossover unit.

2 Krell FPB 250Ms amps (mid/tweeter amps)
Carver Research Lightstar 1 (woofer amp)

Krell 100s for the Logos

Krell KRC-HR Pre

Krell 250/2 CD

Sony S-7000 DVD
Theta Pro Prime II DAC (for the DVD)

Yamaha DSP-A1
Yamaha 950 tuner
Yamaha ?1000? VCR
Yamaha rack

Custom (my design) Sound Anchor Amp stand

Stewart manual reverse roll 80" dia screen
(please look above the French doors)
Sharp LCD projector

Panamax Light?
Panamax power strip
? Power cords?

Acoustic Zen .5 M Reference XLR (CD 2 pre)
Straightwire XLR (preout to 250Ms)
AlphaCore Mi-3s 1.5M for the mid/tweeters
AQ Copperhead RCA (pre to Servo Unit)
MITs 750 Plus custom for the woofer columns

2 Tree Dimension CD racks (1000+)
Oak DVD Rack

7. Comments and/or stories about your Martin Logan experience:
The Logos fills my expectations for a superb center and has yet
to need repair of any type. The dispersion of the Quests fills
my need for high quality but not bright rears.

8. An image of your system.

Image #1 is a far-away shot of the main speakers and the Logos center
with the Krell 100s above the Carver amp.


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Hey Mitchell,

Beautiful system and welcome aboard. Let me know if you ever want to sell your Lightstar... :D

Hi Mitch,
Did you try driving the panels with the lightstar ? Is it better suited to drive just the woofers? I am planning on getting a lightstar 2 to drive my Aerius... bad idea?
I am a bay area local too by the way: if you are ever selling any of your stuff, would love to talk!