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Hi, I am Wouter Planken from the Netherlands. I'm a ML beginner since a couple of months when I bought a pair of Sequel II's at "De Hifiwinkel" in Eindhoven, Holland for 900 euro's in good condition.

When I came across the website of martinloganowners I was determined to go and check out a pair of these beauty's. First I sold my French Elipson 1303ft speakers and went listening to a pair of Aerius'. The sound made a deep impact on me and I knew that this was the sound I was looking for. Although the 1303 with it's Foster ribbon tweeter was a huge step in the good direction, the ML's finished the job with a much smoother holographic 3D sound. The speakers perform excellent despite the medium/poor drive of my marantz sr 7300. Staging is however very descent. The one thing that bothers is the restrained topend relative to the Elipson's who were very generous with the high freq's. The sequel's 10" loaded closed cabinet blends well with my Adire Shiva 85 liter PR reference subwoofer.
First upgrade is defenitly going to be a new power amplifier to give the speakers some more breathing room. I am extremely happy with my ML's. I hope they will last for time to ome since the membranes are approx. 10 years old...



Fronts: ML Sequel II
Center: Jamo concert center
Rears: Kef c10
Receiver: Marantz sr7300
Dvd: KISS DP-450 (RGBHV out)
Display: Barco data 800 (1024x768p@50hz)
Software: +/- 500 movies +/- 400 cd's