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Jan 4, 2005
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Bayreuth, Germany
1. Member Name: Alex Lendvai

2. Location: Hamburg, Germany

3. ML Model(s): CLSIIz (CEFD002Z, CEFD003Z)

4. Year Purchased: Used 2000

5. Mods/Changes: Blue Circle BC62 Power Cords

6. Associated Electronics:

CD player : Sony XA-777ES SACD (Stock power cord)
Amplifier: Innersound ESL300 MKII (Stock power cord)
Pre-Amplifier: Placette RVC single input
Sub: Vandersteen 2Wq X50 crossovers
Wasatch LC-510 10ft cables for sub
Interconnects (RCA): 2x 1m Nordost Quattro Fil
Speaker Cable: Nordost SPM Reference
Power Conditioner: PS Audio P600
Power Cables: Virtual Dynamics Nite (15ft - on PS Audio)
Blue Circle BC62 (on CLSIIz)
Stand & Accessories: Lovan Sovereign
Symposium Roller Blocks (under CDP)
Black Diamond Racing Cones #2 (under amp)
Walker Audio Super Silver Treatment

7. Comments and/or stories about your Martin Logan experience:

My first set of Martin Logan speakers were Aerius I's and ever since then I have been hooked on electrostatics. In 2000 I bought a mint pair of CLSIIz's from Gilbert Young (Blue Circle Audio) and have had them ever since. Over the last five years I have stuggled to find the right combination of set-up and electronics to bring the most out of these amazing speakers. While I am happy with my system now, I think that there is still (much more) room for improvement. One day I will expand this system into a Home Theatre set-up once I have the right space and (more importantly) the funds to do it right.

I recently relocated to Germany where my listening environment is much smaller than back home in Canada. Consequently, as you can see from the picture, my current set-up is not ideal. The speakers are to close to the back wall and I still need to work on some acoustical treatments. Also, all my components are connected to the P600, which does double duty as power conditioning and voltage conversion (110v to 220v). The P600 is probably being taxed a little too much.

Your comments or suggestions are always welcome!


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Why don't you contact Jim Power at ML and ask him to sell you European Transformer Circuit Boards for your speakers. Very easy to install, you just replace the US circuit boards already in your ML's with the European ones. They just screw in with a screwdriver/no soldering.
Actually, I think the logans sound better through the PSAudio. I did enquire about changing the transformers and I still might do that just to make it easier to sell here (if I ever decide to sell). If anything I should get a PSAudio P300 to power just the speakers. I have the amp, CDP and the sub all plugged in.