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For Sale Martin Logan Focus ESL C18, Script i, Motion 4i, Motion 35XT, SVS SB16-Ultra

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Feb 7, 2008
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Everything is listed below with its MSRP from dealers. Please send me a DM with offers on any of the below items. Not asking for MSRP so make me an offer for any item listed. Have boxes for most items.

Martin Logan Center Channel - Focus ESL C18 = $4899.99
Martin Logan Script i Pair = $2149.99 when discontinued.
Martin Logan Clarity Pair = $2795 when discontinued.
4 - Martin Logan Motion 4i's = $249.99 each
2 - Martin Logan Motion 35XT's =$749.99 Each is what I paid for them. They are currently on sale $562.49 on martinlogan.com
Subwoofer - SVS SB16-Ultra = $2299.99
BlueRay Player - Panasonic DP-UB9000 = $999
Projector - Sony VPL-VW295ES = $4999.99
Projector Screen - 92" Stewart Screen = $2000
iFi ZEN DAC Signature V2 and ZEN CAN Signature HFM with 4.4mm Balanced = $599

Cables left Over as Well with Boxes.

3 x Nordost - Red Dawn 1m Power Cord 15amp
1 x Nordost - Purple Flare 2m
1 x Nordost - Red Dawn 1m Mono Loudspeaker cable Banana to Banana
1 x Nordost - Blue heaven Subwoofer cable 8m
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