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Jan 2, 2005
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Poughkeepsie, NY
Member Name: Jeff Horowitz
Location: Poughkeepsie, NY
Model: Aerius i w/ Clear-Spar panels
Purchase Date: 1997

Mods: I feel it's best to have the speakers de-coupled from my "springy" wooden floor. The spikes are placed on floor protectors on a carpet that covers the floor (see photo). Bass is tighter and there is less cabinet resonance.

Associated Electronics
Amp: Rogue M-150 Monoblocks
Pre-amp: Manley Shrimp
Phono Stage: Cary PH-302
CD Player: Jolida JD-100
Tuner: Carver TX-2
Turntable: Teres 255
Tonearm: Magnepan Unitrac 1
Cartridge: AT-OC9 ML/II
Power Conditioner: Tice Solo

Cords: Various Tara and Monster Cable IC's
Amp Power Cords: Signal Cable MagicPower
Component Power Cords: DIY Bob Crump Asylum Cords


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You are on the right track with trying to isolate the speaker with the spike set-up. There are more drastic set-ups that will improve your system.

Love that turntable.....................I see a Record Doctor on the shelf, have you tried steam cleaning then using the Record Doctor? It works wonders - don't steam off the lables though. :D
Very nice 2channel setup and excellent choice in equipemt. I was very tempted with the Rogue stuff before.
kach22i & EricE,

Thanks for your kind remarks.

kach: It took me 6 yrs. before I discovered that decoupling the speakers would improve the sound. You said that "There are more drastic set-ups that will improve your system." Did you mean that the set-up that I used was simple, but effective?....or did you mean that there are other set-ups that could be used? If so, would like to hear your take on this.

The Oracle TT has been with me since 1983. Have upgraded it it once or twice and still performs flawlessly. But the Oracles of that vintage are murder to set up, though.

You have really good eyes to spot that Record Doctor! It's a real pain in the a** to use, it being the manual version. I only use it for my rare new purchases of vinyl. A swipe with a record brush usually suffices.

EricE: Spent the last year and a half going from all SS to all tube, a move I'm certainly not sorry about.
The Rogues are great amps which drive the speakers effortlessly, even in the less powerful triode mode. They are a great value and Rogue has world-class support. I did have to experiment with tube rolling though, as the amps were a little to "hot" at first for my taste.

Am very satisfied with my system now. Just wish I had a larger space for some of the bigger ML's.
jhorowitz128 said:
Did you mean that the set-up that I used was simple, but effective?....or did you mean that there are other set-ups that could be used? If so, would like to hear your take on this.
I'm sure that you are familiar with the Townsend semic Sink (air) and the Bright Star (sand) isolation systems for under (and over) electronic equipment/turntables. Some people have used the sand box systems under the speakers (and speaker stands) to absorb energy and not really de-couple as you phrased it.

Some people keep it really simple and just place a concrete pad/base under the speaker. The point is to use some kind of mass to soak up the cabinet vibrations (transmitted through the spikes) before they energize the sprun wooden floor.
Hey kach22i,

Do you see my amp stands? They are sitting atop granite slabs that I had my Aerius' on while I was experimenting with isolation/coupling issues. Even when placed on top of the rug, they coupled to my springy floor and presented no advantage to just coupling the speakers through the carpet to the floor.
In my situation, having the speakers sitting on LESS mass made them sound better. I don't think that a lot of mass "soaks up" energy, but rather transmits that energy back to the speakers. The spikes sitting on the floor protectors placed on the rug virtually de-couples the speakers from the floor...a very satisfactory, and inexpensive, solution to cabinet resonances.