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Apr 4, 2005
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San Antonio, Texas
With the new den remodel, I need to downsize the refrigerator subs I'm running (4'x4'x22"). That and I guess I really don't need dual 18" pro bass horns for my home theater. So, any insight into the three levels of ML subs? Grotto/Depth/Descent? I'm thinking Descent just because my motto of "bigger is better and more is not enough" has me gravitate to the the largest sub. I also like "nothing exceeds like excess." Seriously though, any thoughts on going dual Grottos or Depths or just a single Descent? It will allow me to remove the two horn subs and one amp.
Selection of subs is a very subjective matter. The best way for you to determine which sub is enough is to audition the contenders in the room in which they will be used. For example, I'm using a single Depth with Summits, and I find it (Depth) entirely adaquate. But you may find differently in your room.
I agree that the selection of subs is subjective at best. I do have a pair of CLSiiZ's and I have one Depth and it integrates very well within my room setup.

For me I thought the Decent was too much. I know there is never enough bass but in reality, I personally feel that the 8" drivers are faster and blend better the the CLS's. Although your mileage may vary.

A lot of it depends on the balance between what percentage of HT and regular music you enjoy. The other issue is what types of music will also dictate the "size" of the sub.

The room also plays an important factor and I would see if you could demo the subs. I would go for either the Depth or the Decent.
This is just an opinion

Jeff :cool: