The Story of an EAR-diophile ... and the humor and insanity ! (long fun read)

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El Paso is about 140 miles or so south. Could not live there. It is a desert town with little vegetation and hot temps in the summertime.

This town is in the mountains. Elevation 7,000' or so. Population in Ruidoso / Alto area is 10,000 or so. There's also a ski hill called Apache with a base elevation of 10,000'.

The development I'll be moving to (hopefully) is the Alto Lakes Country Club. As nice as anything here in Jackson. And housing prices are quite affordable including monthly club fees and property taxes when compared to where I currently live. Trying to line up a short term loan with someone (3 months or so max if contingent offer needs to become a contingent free offer) until I sell my house to buy a house currently on the market.

Congrats - some good audiophiles in New Mexico. Is that before or after the wall :confused: