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Dec 28, 2012
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Houston, TX
I've finally gotten through the learning curve of setting it up. Being a non-computer type, it took a couple of sessions with Edgar (developer of the product) to get proficient. The website makes it look pretty overwhelming, but most of what you see on the screen you never touch.

The difference in presentation is quite amazing on most recordings. "Kind of Blue", each instrument is perfectly placed, with the sound stage extending well wide of my speakers and around to my side. Mercury Living Presence recordings give you an orchestra totally across the front wall, with each section distinct. I don't have my speakers far enough into the room for optimum depth of sound and still it is amazing. Everyone that I've had listen to it (all non-audiophiles) are stunned.

I've even been able to run my CD player through it using an optical cable. It's like rediscovering each one.

Not all recordings benefit, but none are lessened. It does nothing to the tonality of the recordings.

And with the head-tracking camera, I can move my head side to side and never lose the sweet spot. It really frees you up. Great feature!

BTW, I'm getting excellent program readings from my ML's. Edgar said they're almost as good as they get from their Sander's is their listening room.